Missing offer on tapoy

Could you explain me why someone have this offer on tapjoy and someone else have not?
We are playing on same O.S. (android) and no, no one of us did previously this game.

It is location based as well

we are all in the same country, i don’t think it can varies from region to region :confused:

tapjoy in past! and it’s very annoying

Don`t cry about not having this offer - they would not pay out anyway …

I didn’t realize  TAPOY was a thing :lol: 

TAPOY  is nothing so u just can’t realize it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Orko’s reply was on point.

tapjoy often don’t pay out their offered gems, especially the big ones.

if you email them with your proof of task completion, they might or might not reply you/refund you.

they still owe me a few hundred gems. :rolleyes: