Missing pro archers

Seems several alliances didn’t get them.

Always messing up with prorewards lately 

Our alliance get 40000+ pro alliance score and there is no pro boost for Archer. When you will stop this bugs??

when???  never…they are too ■■■■■■ for this .LOL

same problem with our alliance too.pro league too buggy

Same with roaring lions. We didn’t get pro boost

No pro archers for Boost Busters! So we do not get anything we deserve without begging?

Same here. Germania1 Alliance.

Annoying, cause this was an expensive proleague!

No archer boost in MASTER MEME as well.

server maintenance in 3min,i think they will fix it…hopefully…

no pro Archer for Gods of Destiny

This should now be resolved. Please let us know if that is not the case! 

There have been data archers liv. 3, but we had over 40k points … we want archers liv 4, thank you

Alleance: Italia A.K.

Oh my god, they are so useless … Pro … Ha!