Missing third heroes in war!!


During the hero preparation, when one of my teammates switches between two heroes, the connection keeps getting interrupted.

I think that this problem comes from the fact that many of us have taken 3 heroes in war but in the spoils of war we see only two heroes per person.

Can you help us immediately? That’s a big problem for us!!


EDIT: This happens specially with Athena (and one of us said also with Odysseus).

People in my alliance are having the same issue also.  It shows 3 heroes top left of war screen, but when trying to attack an enemy, only 2 are available.

Yeah its a bug. One of my members have exactly the same problem. he have 3 heroes but can use only 2

My team Olympus Overlord in league of gods facing same issue. Many of our players are reporting this issue. Uploading a video. celestial boosts were active before start of war, showing 3 heroes in fury count, but once you go for attack only 2 heroes ahow and game shuts down.

We all Faced this issue abt 8 months back in a war if people can recollect. 

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Cancel this war because its not fair. We cant fight!

I have active celestial bonus and only 2 active heroes. When i want to attack game auto-reboot! I have video too! 

This is a video of one of many teammates that have the same problem.




Where is the manager response?  War is going on while all this is happening and people are losing out.  At least acknowledge the problem so people know you are working on it!  The silence is deafening! (As usual).

I would like to see Flare cancel this War. its the worst in all way. Not only nobody can use 3rd hero but the matchmaking its just atrocious for low and medium alliance match with top 100 alliance with over 6k trophy guys

Hey devloper pls do something. It’s been 12 h and u re still silent. That’s very  disappointing. I am here with my maxed fury. ??

Unfortunately they don’t care…
Its happened with my team before 2 times,
Also now we are fighting the 2 alliance both of them in rank 22+ 28,
and our alliance is 66!

don’t waste your time to complain they will not do anything for now.


(winged victory) same problem in automatic with athena falls connection ....

The same happened last summer…

Maybe this link could help the devs:


@Samir you have right. They don’t care. we are close the weekend and probably they will left the War like this for 3 days. its thurdays and their day are already finish. Maybe tomorrow

Several problems in my Alliance. Map does not open. Players who take 3 heroes are only 2. Furies lost due to the instability that still remains.

Same problem here! Damn servers!!!

I can’t play this war…I try to use one hero(Atena) but disconnect the game…so now I can’t use the other two…is the second problem after manutention of server!!!




Same for our demi-gods team.  We are ranked over 100 and facing now the number 1 team in our league and another team ranked 38 i believe.  I know the match ups are supposed to be random but this is the second season in a row now where we are always facing teams in the top half of the league.  Maybe is just bad luck but is very demoralizing.



our alliance:

 ?WarCry 13й ЛЕГИОН?

is also suffering from the same problem. A half of our members reporting problems that game disconnects when them attempt to attack.


IGN of some players with problem:










Thanks ?