Mistakes when raiding

Hello, I want you to share your mistakes when you are raiding. As you may have known, in a raid you need to have quick and exact decisions, like using spells correctly, not letting your troops die…, which prevent you from falling into difficult situations. But sometimes we can have mistakes :/.

I will start first:

  1. Using Sonic Blast, ran under those Snake and Firebolt towers to destroy them, suddenly I saw the Ogre was approaching me. I forgot to run away and the Ogre knocked me down :((((.

  2. Cast Blizzard too soon before the skull tower was in range. To make things worse, it shot my Frosters and they are all dead :confused:



Using the blizz on ogre instead of bladestorm, wolf follow up and I cant kill.Wolf howl the ogres ?

Inviting enemy ogres in my tent and watch the brutes destroy granny s antique tea cups


Scream the pyro to my tent resulting my tent burnt down,instant kill for my king

Had rushed ahead of my army of blazing knights to slow down skull tower, I went back & saw my army had perished thanks to gargoyles in a chokepoint base.

A player has copied my cross base concept. Needed to attack him in a war this season. I was rushing too eagerly forward, thinking, since I know this base it should be too easy.

Actually, the base is easy, but for most of the players that do fail this base, it happens at ~20% of it.

Shamefully, it has happened to me as well… Against my own designed base…

Oh, I have more mistakes this time:

  1. Use Shield when I was right before a bunch of Cannons. Wtf??? :stuck_out_tongue: . What was I thinking?

  2. When I have passed the base with low health, there wasn´t much time left (about 30 secs). I rushed to the castle gate and used spells, but forgot to call Insta troops and I died after a few arrows :confused:

  3. Use Sonic Blast and the Touch&Go strategy to destroy some towers. But I wasn´t fast enough and a Firebolt tower survived :blink:. Some precious seconds wasted before my Cannons destroyed it.

Being greedy to get 100% and save 1 trophies while in top 10 only to lose at 73% and poof 10+ trophies gone.This happened a lot ? 

Also sometimes refuse to scroll a time warp at gate, 74% raid and lose more trophies again

Oh this one is hilarious btw, one of my former ally member spend 30+ secs trying to kill a tower only to realised it was a landscape decoration (graveyard) ???

Sometimes I ran out of time when reached the gate too :(((((

While in a huddle fight pushing the ogre to your knights to get it killed… Only then to realise you picked the wrong ogre… In other words your own one, while the enemy one clubs you to dead.

after that happend i received a petition from my king & his troops, with the urgent request to transfer them to a non blond player

Falling asleep halfway during a raid… Only to realise when you wake up half an hour later that as a consequence you now  lost against a g&m,base…

ooooooohhhh.  :open_mouth:   :open_mouth:   :open_mouth:

hahahahahha  :wink:   :wink:

@Fii Nami did that ever happen to you ,??

sorry dena & co , but i couldn t constrain  myself from writing this down…  :wink:   :lol:


Nah never happen.I dont raid while sleepy you spoon

I casted Armageddon on dungeon doom gate at the last second. Armageddon duration is 1s. Gate brought down, victory pop-up comes but enemy werewolf was howling. I got 100% but 2 crowns. :blink:

Once, while I was raiding a low level player to try out new spells, my laptop screen displayed zig-zag black lines on some parts of the screen. I didn’t know who was standing ahead me, an ogre or a tower. I survived for 30 seconds or so before a few gargoyles killed me. I managed to save some trophies. Lost 40 instead of 50. :wink:

Was watching tv while raiding, I used hero scream instead of pausing the game. :stuck_out_tongue: (I had kept laptop on mute) Saw something moving & realised my mistake. A victory ended in a 74% defeat.

When I had started the game, I used to run ahead of my army. While raiding, someone had set 6 firebolts on a U-turn. My king had low health. Casted firestorm & all were destroyed, I thought I escaped… but NO! Fire Damage continues for sometime & it killed me even before units approached.

Now, this wasn’t a mistake but a funny experience, I raided a chokepoint base with lot of power archers. I completed the U-turn but most units died. I only had a surprise mummy alongside with me. I was going ahead when I saw 25 power archers & 4-5 mortars targeting my newly spawned units. My king again was on low health. I spawned surprise mummy, shielded & casted sonic & ran through far away. I killed all units. My mummies were also dead. But they spawned knights which helped me bring down the castle. I would say that I was lucky.

I think I make maximum mistakes. :lol: But I am not bad at raiding!

Aaaw my feelings :slightly_frowning_face:  … hahaha!

-Getting under an ogre’s club right before he hits

-Using Blizzard too late so wolves howl and everything becomes a mess

-Trying to hit two Uber Tempest Lightning Towers with SB with a Snake Tower next to them, and die in the try…

Trying to kill the gate but suddenly enemy orge approaches and clubs u.   Hence I always make hero stand on a side of the gate

It was not a coincidence Micky… In Genie & Master bases we have special forged mortars.  Instead of poison bombs they shoot sleep gas bombs.

Don’t remember you were raiding my base though… Are you sure you attacked G&M? Maybe you have attacked our sister alliance G&M., with it’s level 50 second accounts, lol.

When I first started out, I had a tendency to get disoriented and run the wrong way. How that happens as I’m running past my own troops is mind-boggling.

How I ever reached #1 on the Leaderboard with that kind of insanity is a mystery only mickyoao will ever know, but he promised me he would never tell. NEVER.


most of the examples posted already

loosing sight of cursor when raiding,king stops moving long enuff to get clubbed.

loosing sight of cursor accidently hitin scrolls

And just to add 1 while not raiding, pushing wrong button and selling asum gear