Mistakes you made when you began the game

When we started Royal Revolt 2, we all made some mistakes, right? Well, here I want you to post them, and have some good laughs as well!

Well what about buying a new background because you thought it was pretty or cool

Not really a mistake just a cosmetic purchase 

My biggest mistake in the beginning: Using lots of scrolls.

Until I realized that they cost gems - then I immediately stopped using them.

And my was buying +5level hero by level 10 :slightly_frowning_face:

Buying weak weapons and armor that were not strong and used tons of gems on

Probably a mistake playing on Windows device instead of Android or iOS ? lol


I made a lot of mistakes like upgrading weak spells and towers also purchasing hero level and shitty gears , not upgrading barricade was a mistake too after the elite boost  :slightly_frowning_face:

My mistake in the beginning was spending all my gems. I cleared ruins, used them for cheap upgrades and for scrolling. At that moment I didn’t realize my mistake. I even spent 400 gems for upgrading my throne room, because I didn’t want to wait.  Later on, I figured out about the third troop and spell slot, but at that moment, I didn’t have any gems left.


It took me a lot of time to earn enough of them.

My biggest mistake when i played on phone was to level up my newborn king by spending a lot of gems, thankfully received for free through the tutorial !

Just wondering… has anyone else upgraded all their farms at once? Cause I did, back when I had 2 lv 4 farms…  :lol:

whats wrong with that

Haha, no playing RR2 cause you have no bread, and no way of getting bread either!  :lol:

I’ve bought too many items - Wait for items you will level up fast.


Used too many scrolls on winning games or opening chests because im impatient and don’t like loosing. Don’t do this.


Wasted 3,000-4,000 gems because i’ve pressed the complete “now” button on an upgrade. The worst was 2,500 gems to instant finish last level Heal spell. Nearly cried. Not sure if it was my phone screen or just tapping too much. but ive made 3 mistakes touching upgrades to finish when I didn’t mean to. Really need a “are you sure” button to stop this. Especially when i’m looking at what upgrades are in progress. Need to remove the upgrade instantly buttons on the right on the screen.


Buying loads of food to get enough gold to level up things. Again i’m too impatient. Ideally I would use gold shields each time they were available and pay for them with tournament winnings. You don’t need to spend any gems on food if you don’t mind taking a bit longer and using shields.


Don’t use your rewards from achievements. Save them for upgrades that are expensive or for offers. e.g. Upgrade packages come along when you don’t have many gems.


Don’t try and increase trophies to a level beyond which your king can’t be comfortable winning matches. Leads to spending scrolls. It doesn’t matter until you are shooting for top 500 +.


The only towers you should buy are arrow and then snake, then FB and skull when they become available. All the fire/frost/etc are going to get replaced. Don’t buy them or waste money in workshop. Join an alliance who uses boosted barricades and only get barricades not blockades. We are all now replacing them. And don’t get Skull tower until you have levelled up Arrow/FB/Snake. Then replace Arrow with one skull/FB at a time. when players get sonic blast skull towers crumble unless they are near max.  Better off spending money on FB and barricades (max)

eh I can wait, my base can somewhat hold, and im not mad at all if I lose  a lot of gold or anything

I knew I forgot one big thing; and that was wasting gems on finishing your upgrades! (Thanks for reminding me, Gizmo! :slight_smile:

I speed up a lot of the more important upgrade intentionally though , last level for sonic blast and heal , some waves upgrade and a few level for alliance tower including max level also some other things.Think it was like 10k gems in total for speed up lol !

it is becoming a topic quite similar to “biggest epic fail” topic…I think the question is for “the first” mistakes…not every mistake… :slight_smile:

I will formulate one of my early “mistakes” the other way round… it greatly enriched my defense, when I noticed that some towers could shoot across overlapping paths… he-he :lol:


Also, I mistakenly thought this game would be a nice little, funny casual game… just to find out it still reveals interesting changes after months of playing, and that I actually still play it, spend hours and hours on it… far from a cute little casual game now :wink:

I still don’t get why upgrading all your farms at once is a bad idea… lol

If all your farms are upgrading, you can fight no battles until they are finished because you have no food source (other than gems, of course).