Mistreatment of high spenders at Flareqames - I am quiting

I am forced to quit because Flaregames is charging me more than 17% higher prices and they blame it on Apple. They refuse to explain why no other vendors have raised their price.

In additon, they no longer give me specials and they have made it impossible to get decent loot or climb in tournaments.

I advise everyone to take heed because the same will happen to you.

This certainly gouging and unfair customer treatment. I was a fool to spend so much money on a company that is trying to take advantage of someone that enjoys the game.

Never going to play a flaregames app again.

King John

Admins will probably delete this and kick me out. I have already left the game so don’t care

We replied to your comments regarding the price increase here


We are sorry to hear you have decided to leave the game.


Please note that your topics are not closed because of their content, but because you continue to open the same topics across several forums.





I’m sorry to see you go, John. Let me know if you start playing again. You were a great member of =df=

Well if you may think that you are even able to read all those comments and also give them an answer…well I’m gonna start thinking you some kind of demigod…

Or better yet how many people does flare need to leave the game before finding a solution and not the very same( WE ARE ON IT… BLALA WE APOLOGIZE…BABABAB)…

There is no point sayin’ ‘OH I’M QUITTING’ when these forums aren’t gonna do anything about it, as well as flare. Just accept and respect the flipping game all of you!

I seriously, honestly don’t get you guys at all! especially silver :stuck_out_tongue:

What don’t you understand about a 17% increase in cost driving paid players away? The fact that they’re voicing their frustration with a game they enjoyed enough to invest in?


I would think flare needs to hear this kind of feedback instead of just seeing a drop in revenue from the effected regions.

@chickennoodlesoup:Maybe because…(spoiler…) I am atlas!!!


Atlas: hahahhahahaha you fools it was me all along


Crowd: whaaaa!!! Oh no what are we gonna do!!!


Atlas: you cant escape me!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, you are atlas. I’ve been watching like a hawk, i’ve even had pm’s bout you.

and you also told yourself to stop raiding me when I posted that topic about you dumping your dirty trophies on my clean base :sunglasses:

Ok guys, stop now please. This topic has another subject… thanks

I completely agree with the initial topic .If he thinks its bad on Apple then he needs to play on Windows 8.1.Since they offer little or no freebies (videos, app offers etc.) to earn gems I have had to work my way up from scratch.Now I am at a certain level where I get almost no offers my equipment is over priced with little or no


improvement to the equipment i already have. Now its almost impossible for me to climb the tower without buying silo refills as i haven’t had an out right victory in weeks.I am forced between battling opponents so low they don’t turn a trophy reward high enough to climb the ladder in the tournament or battle an opponent so


outrageously higher than me that I get 2 crown victories and break even as if i had just went ahead and battled a low level opponent.In short after you reach a certain amount or upgrades to your castle defenses and to your attacking army the game basically becomes pay to play by default of the opponent pool, trophy win


lose ratio and gold won during battles and length it takes to upgrade and upgrade costs.At first i thought maybe I had hit a bum streak or was just getting unlucky in picking beatable opponents but its going on two weeks now and i have had an outright victory maybe 6 or 7 times in that period of time and haven’t come in past


5th place in over 4 tournaments now that might not seem bad but considering I even purposely threw a tournament  as to drop in league standing to see if my opponent pool would drop as well but i ended up getting beat by players way lower than me in tournament standing.Thats when it hit me.The game is geared


toward after you reach a certain lvl of upgrades or trophies or defensive improvements it becomes pay to play. I don’t wanna play a game where the only way you see any gems for competing is if you never go past Silver league after that you have to spend on silo refills to the point that when  you do win the big prize your just


earning back what you spent to come in first place in the first place i.e if i refill three times at 52 a refill and the top prize is 175 gems then what good is it. Or if every opponent i fight i have to spend gems to get a three crown victory then whats it worth? Especially in Windows 8.1 with no opportunities for free gems what so


ever.Before you flood me with suggestions I only have one more upgrade left to go (which at the rate i earn gold and gems i’ll never reach) on plausible attack troops. also have all three troop slots open and all three spell slots open with the strongest spells the game has to offer occupying those slots(although to upgrade


them any further would be useless since every time i up grade something the opponent pool becomes that much more harder) In short if you like playing this game don’t upgrade your gate past 11 don’t upgrade your towers past 1 if you have all poison towers and flaming arrow towers and rapid fire bomb towers.Don’t go past


2600 trophies cause once you do its pay to play from there on out that might not seem bad for apple users as due to the free offers hey may reach a higher level before noticing the change in play but for windows 8,1 players that don’t spend a lot of money you’ll notice it immediately.its almost to the point if i don’t have my


credit cad in hand I might as well not even try to compete i earn more trophies not playing the game at this point then I do when i play and the gold i earn and save isn’t enough to buy anything equipment worth having or upgrade any further.

Ok I agree that it gets increasingly hard higher up and that you probably can’t reach top10 as free player now.

Though, I haven’t bought a single gem and am currently at 4700 trophies… admittedly, I profit from a few elite boosts from my alliance, but so do all opponents around me… anyway… 



I don’t think there’s a pay wall at 2.6k trophies. Down there you don’t even face elite boosts, which are the main reason why on the top it’s currently hard to win battles without scrolling… 


So, for short, some of your arguments might be right, but they fit better 2k trophies above your position, and don’t fit to where you are. At 2.6k trophies it should be relatively easy to beat most bases.

If not, consider upgrading your spells by 1 or 2 levels, or potentially watch some youtoube videos of skilled raiders for learning a few little “tricks” or tips on raiding strategies… 


Also, those much-envied ios/android “goodies” aren’t half as good as you think they are, at least for most of all ios/android users… 

Agree with Den, after a certain point on 8.1 it’s buy gems or stay stuck in bronze league and the price of gems has gone up twice since Feb. I didn’t even know that other op systems got offers

Most of the players are paying to go forward. At 2,600 it’s still not so significant, but as you go upper and upper, you understand that if you don’t pay, it will take ages to make any progress in this game.


Flaregames have invented a very nice trick for making you spend money: Your food-for-fight cost increases steadily with each level. Silo and farms are limited level and not upgradeable anymore. In order even just to survive in any league, you have to refill your silo using gems.


It has stroke me one day: Take any regular full featured game. You buy it once and you have it all. In the case of Flaregames, the equation is different: you get a “Free” game, in which you eventually begin paying and paying and paying endlessly. You can’t even maximize towers/troops/spells, because a s soon as you do this, a new game update comes and more levels are added to everything. So, you have to continue upgrading, this time for even more unbelievable costs.


I call all the players to stop for a moment and be honest with the answer to themselves: Have you paid for the “free” RR2 game much more money than for any most expensive games on the market?

I think that for most of the players the answer will be: YES


This has to stop somewhere. For most of the players it stops by getting frustrated with all the money spent and quitting the game. For some players it never stops, even after hundreds dollars spent… We see most of them at the top…

Completely agree with you.I am also planning to quit this game and most probably gonna quit by the end of may.i am just waiting if they gonna change anything or not in the next upgrade.they lost all my respect.they have nothing to do with pure gameplay,that just want money money and more money:/

From the beginning I knew the game - to take a high place, you have to pay.But why not play just for fun?Battles, upgrades, and the joy of every victory and completed upgrade :slight_smile:

I think the game currently have a pay wall starting around 5k trophies , lower than that you can survive without spending money at all while still enjoy the game tho this will go lower probably to around 4.5k trophies once more player get a higher wave points which will take around 6 months from now ?