Mithril Alliance

Hey, this is the Mithril Alliance thread.

We are a very active Alliance, around de 125 rank, full of active and chatty people.


Join Us!

If interested in joining, just reply to this thread then send an Apply.



2,500 rank minimum

75k donation minimum

Active player

Must Chat

Active War participation



After you join you must intrude yourself within 24h, or you WILL be kicked.

Just now I have some  open spots, so join quick.

Help gold and mücevher

hey, i have lvl 63 king with 50k donation today if i won the tournament i will rise to 75k, i am active and i’m in great alliance but actually i can’t communicate at all different language and i need alliance i can have blazing knights as i could be i raid will them all time, iam active almost daily play … can i have place with you

my IGN the ultimate k