Mixed raiding, troops and base discussion


Desihero , yeah I noticed that ogre weak to mortars too since my raiding troops is mortar pyro and cannon as I don’t trust arblaster in attack.

@Fii Nami :  I Love arblasters. If you have even like 4-5 of them and if you have like level 9 or 10 heal spell, they are deadly combo and with more and more people using ogres in their waves, its the most used. I was CANNON + ARBLASTER + MORTOR for a long time. But now I am using CANON + ARBLASTER for sure and will use either OGRE or MUMMY or MORTOR in third slot. Once I get Ogre 5 I will use them for most bases except for the arblaster heavy ones where i might use mortor or mummy.


BTW, they also won the battle of troop on FACEBOOK if i remember correctly. So I am not the only one in love with arblasters.

yeah they were great , 6days before I get max arblaster now and another 5 for level 10 heal.Might give them a go then , been using them in defence but need more wave points though.Reason I’m not using them in attavk now is coz my mortar pyro and cannon all max and doing well.

When you have max arblaster, switch them with pyro and try for few days. You will like them. Low level arblasters are too low in their HP compared to Pyro so that was understandable. But max level arblasters beat max level pyro for me.

i try not to come by to often :wink:

I know and my Firebolt towers are constantly being upgraded with higher priority to Snake towers. But I have to admit, I tried my base with my new max level Froster and I cannot beat my own base. You are definitely good using your frosters. Whats is your leadership(me around 6K) at? Even if I spam frosters, I cant take those fire towers in my choke points.

6k really ? Then I’ve got 1.8k more leadership than you desihero 

11k leadership lol


also your units at your choke help me take them cus of gargs now so if i time it right i can kill the units after the gargs jump the gap then they will attack the tower

You prioritize shields over leadership? I thought going all leadership is the perfect offense build?

Nope. More Leadership = more troops. More shields = More protection for your hero.

Usually a mix of both is best.


But what is ultimately better for a specific battle depends on what is more important in the current overall situation and base layout.

E.g. many mortars and snake towers --> go for poison shield.

Lots of pyromancers and almost only firebolt towers --> fire shield.

A lot of pierce damage (e.g. arrow towers, arblasters) --> no pierce shield items exist, so go for more leadership to summon more troops.


It also depends on your strategy.

When you try to go ahead with your hero and let his spells and melee attack do most of the work, make sure he has a lot of shields.

When you rely more on your troops, go for more leadership to be able to summon more troops.


It also depends on your items.

If you have a brand new legendary crown giving you a lot of base leadership and tons of fire shield, you’d definitely pick that one over an older crown with a little bit more total leadership (base+bonus) that has no shield at all except for bases with close to none fire damage.

On the other hand, if you have a good leadership item but your shield items are a bit outdated/comparably weaker, you might decide to put on the leadership item more often.


Also consider gargoyles for example (or basically other area damage dealing troops, such as mortars or pyromancers, if your raiding troops are vulnerable to poison/fire): If they fly across an overlapping path and explode right inmidst of your raiding troops, they will do more damage when there are more troops gathered in one point. Thus, additional leadership = more troops might have barely any effect unless you distribute your units well. On the other hand, no blunt shield is available, so you might want to e.g. use ogres in your offense to tank the gargoyle damage, which require 12 morale points --> more leadership might be helpful.

If you e.g. use frosters (main strength, slowing down enemies, doesn’t really scale with their numbers) and some other relatively cheap units, you might at some point have more leadership than you can actually spend without nonstop clicking the summoning buttons, distracting you from the actual battle.

Thus, it depends on your troops and the defender’s troops as well.

HP about the same , attack only 810 but I’ve got shitty fire shield only 1280 plus another 1.2k poison shield.Yeah never seen his full base but I even struggle with his compact base , his firebolt too strong for my armor

my base is up right now its a design im trying out and seems to work decently so far :slight_smile:

just a few more days till a gourp of 4 will be even better :wink:

Another thing I would like to add, during low to mid level play, ice shield helped me a lot as I was not aware of Wind boots capabilities. 

Now that you won 1000 gems on Jason W’s youtube contest, go buy a better gear with higher fire shield. Congratulations.

Nah its only 200 gems but I request it to be send to my second account.I’ve got gems , just that I’m waiting till level 80 before buying new gears.