Modification of conquest

I hate maps with four alliances because of the need to deal with others alliances.
I suggest that there are only two alliances on the map.

My Alliance would still fight with three alliances, but:

  • they could fight each other only for two days.
  • conquest would last for a total of six days, but everyone would fight with each (my alliance will be fight: in 1-2 day - with Alliance A, in 3-4 day - Alliance B, in 5-6 day - with alliance C)

When this condition would be implemented, why do we need a conquest map? When I already fought a team, I can’t destroy their towers any more, so that makes no sense. And since on day one we are exploring and not yet have towers, facing the strongest team first day would give a huge advantage. Same for facing the weakest team on last couple of days.

Feels to me like a regular competition in that case. I suggested that in the past as alternative for war seasons.

I don’t think that modification would work in Conquest.  That would work in like a Double Elimination Tournament Bracket for Alliance Wars, but how would that work in Conquest.  When getting your Towers leveled up takes several days.  How would the map reset after you fight each Alliance?


The way its set up now is fine if the Match Making works out well.  It just becomes a waste of time when you cant do anything against your opponent cause they are more advanced. 

That would not be a “conquest”.     I do think it would be a good Idea so two teams could challenge each other for bragging rights on who is the best within a rank, but not in the context of how this part of the game was designed.