QUIT LOCKING EVERYTHING! we dont always need only 6 topics open with 100000 posts in each one itll be ok.


in short please start thinking “is this extra topic disruptive to have open at the same time as another one thats close in topics?” if yes close it


if not let it be man, quit being yoko

I think we should just give them a while to settle into their new role.

Also have the impression they are way overmotivated now and assume they will calm down after a while once they are used to it…


What I don’t like: This constant shifting always brings topics to my attention which don’t contain anything new. I’m using the “View new content” button a lot. A topic gets closed with an explanation -> new content. The text from the closed topic gets added to another topic -> new content. Sometimes half of the “new content” topics only contain added mod-cleanup-stuff. Almost feels like the mods are spamming more than some overactive users… :wink:

Staff must clean junk topics every 2-3 months.

Totally agree It’s like the gestapo up in here, More locks than alcatraz. Ir’s not just me then, I thought the standard of the forums was graduallt/rapidily going downhill.  I feared this in the beginning, I’m just going to let them fall on their own sword.

As far as I know only topics that considered as spam are being locked in the general section.Think theres more locked in the bug report section to keep all reports in one thread.What really bothers you killemog ? I know theres some topic that worth second mention instead of being moved to older thread but haven’t seen one being locked yet.

Also please note this topic wasn’t locked :grinning:

Bolz1 is quite eager to keep the bug data of similar/same bugs together in one place. That helps Flare to process the bugs more quickly and efficiently, thus speeding up bug fixing.

Also when people just open new topics again and again for exactly the same problem, that’s neither helpful nor nice.

If I want to post something, I should at least go to the appropriate forum and quickly read the titles of the last few topics, and then if those already are about my problem, post there. If one doesn’t know how to find and use the search function, that’s okay, but I guess when I want that someone takes the time to help me with my problems, then I should at least take the time (10 seconds) for reading a handful of topic titles before posting.

Otherwise, I shouldn’t complain when my topic gets moved or closed if appropriate.

Also I know that the method of quote-pasting bug reports into a collection topic might produce “new content”, but after all no one forces you to read every post and if you do, then please bear with the mods and scroll past that quoted post. Merging topics isn’t optimale either due to some technical reasons…

Also I am aware that a few topic closes might maybe feel a bit too quick or harsh, but after all we are not perfect, as you aren’t either. Still, in general I think it is better to close duplicate topics early on - especially for identical bugs/suggestions - and continue discussion in one topic to keep all relevant information in one place for everyone that wants to read it.

If you are uncomfortable with any specific topic close, feel free to pm me and explain why it should be kept open. A topic close can and will be revoked *if appropriate*.

you’re not alone killemog… MOds better delete it not to lock it PlEAsE! :angry:

if your just going to lock the post why not delete it after you have locked it…

i dont have a problem with the focusing of bug reports just may be useful to get the tools in order to just move the posters entire post into the proper place. bolz is a friend of mine on here and so is elementG im not ALL against the mods doing their thing.



Keep it defensing killemog… i know u can deal with moderators who is locking our topics… we are just sharing ideas not to blame us like a nonsense posters…

I wish moderator like bolz1 is a very respective should like other moderators commenting with negative posts i don’t know why…

I’m not sure why its not deleted plus I haven’t lock anything yet.Think its because deleting would be too harsh but again , I’m  not sure.I’m not saying you’re against the mods at all either , just asking for clarification to why you open this thread since I don’t noticed any purpose.In fact , I’m also wondering why we didn’t just delete it but the forum will undergo some re-structuring so I’m sure we’ll discuss about this lock and delete things later with Jona.

then let us to delete it by ourselves…

deleting wouldnt be to harsh if the poster is notified that his/her post has been moved and to where, and i opened this post as i said in my post for people and myself to air any issues we may have with the mods. isnt that reason enough?

Yes I realise that it was to air any issues with the mods , I really can’t provide definite answer to why its not deleted but if majority thinks that its better to delete then I’ll issue this to the other mods and Jona.Plus I’m not against people opening new topic but some of it are better to be kept in one place especially small suggestions thread.

Wow , King jolie , adding fuel to the fire . :stuck_out_tongue:

well then im glad we are able to agree on things :slight_smile:

Locking is an unnecessary burden to mods too… unless they have lots of time on hand. Likemjbe78 said they are new and are playing with all that they can do. With great power comes great responsibility and even Spiderman needed sometime to settle with his new duty; :slight_smile:

Wow! I didn’t read the forum for a day and I found interesting objections! I’m really sincere, I thank killemog for opening this post, because every suggestion (kind or not) is always the possibility to grow, always. I immediately apologize for my bad English and for the length of this post, but I’d try to explain a lot of things…


First of all mjbe78 said right, we (staff) need a lot of time to settle into our new roles because the forum is growing fast and we are discussing on how upgrade the forum, how help Jona to pass every requests to his colleagues, how keep the forum in order and so on. And mjbe78 is right again when he says that, probably, we are a little bit over motivated and d’you know why? I’m speaking for myself…because to “contrive”, because to “build” something new is always exiting and maybe this could and can lead to an “over motivated” or “over speedy” action…


Briefly, (Jona, I beg your pardon if you don’t agree, but I think explain this could be helpful) in the mods area we are actively talking about how to moderate and how to upgrade the forum. For example I asked: is better to have a forum with “high posts numbers but less topics” or “low post numbers but thousand of topics” (more or less the same objection of killemog)? Is better to have 1 topic with 10000 messages that are quite impossible to read or have an area with 10000 topics you never would read? For example, the first ones are the car or bike forums and the second ones are programming/computer or mountain bike forums. I am admin in a car forum and I was mod in a mtb forum so I have experienced both of them and I know reasonably well the differences. I obviously cannot explain here these differences, but I feel to say that, for me, this RR2 forum should be as the first one, because 50% of topic are direct to Jona (bugs and suggestions) where we (members) couldn’t answer: but here has came an objection made by weebo (I don’t remember where…) that is a really interesting objection (sometime expressed politely and sometime a little bit less  :grinning:

Locking can be undone more easily than deleting, in case a topic was locked too eagerly. :grinning:

Though, as Fii Nami already said, if everyone wants deletes rather than locks, we might adapt our way of handling such things. :grinning:


I’m sure some of you don’t have the will/time to read the lengthy post so heres the summary :


-locking is easier than deleting since some locked topics might be useful for future reference

-some locked topics are a fully answered topics

-most of the time , topics are locked to keep things in one thread to make easier for Jona (suggestion and bugs)


I believe that some suggestion/similar topics deserved to stand , so if you guys think that a certain topics need to be unlock (if its locked) then don’t hesitate to ask one of the mods to open it again (providing theres a strong reason to open it)

i wished to be moderator, but  i guess that’s is impossible to happen what admin message to me…BUT i wished my recent junk topics deleted for my reference… ^_^