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my objection is that we need a middle ground in this style of forum, outside the bug sub forum needs to feel free to see how new ideas will be received. but lets continue this after another quote…


yes of course we all want the game to improve, and your “mid point” topics between the smaller and the main overall suggestion topic is a good answer for us finding some middle ground together tho players who open small topics of a idea may just be wanting to see if it would be worth adding at all to the suggestion topic, because no one want to make a bad suggestion and the developers actually go with it lol so maybe jona doesnt have to look through all of the small topic but you mods do…



this would be greatly useful to the bug section and im sure would be appreciated by many in our community and hopefully we all have jobs :slight_smile:


ok bolz is done i think next up hero


ok your getting less quotes then bolz this is taking to long :slight_smile:


about how harsh it is? i dont personally care but you think its less harsh to have your topic left up and lock then deleted? ok but then anyone who sees your ONE lonely topic told that your idea wasnt good enough to be discussed on its own lol seems a bit more public humiliation then a small insult of shit they deleted my topic and moved it somewhere else. you have to see both sides of that coin your tossing man.


i noticed you didnt reopen the post i mentioned, either tho. again i should point out that the leaderboard ingame is public knowledge anyone can see anyones name none of them are secrets, literally there is a guy named “funnyname” right now in the game! tell me he didnt ASK to be mentioned on here? i support the off topic section pretty heavy because so few people want to post anything not to do with actually playing the game :slight_smile:


fii nami thanks you making the summary.


if i missed something let me know


ps had to remove your quoted emoticons due to crazy to many smiles limit…


I’ve read the whole post, but I just want to comment on this one part (basically have nothing else to add):


The amount of reading should be about the same if it’s spread out over different topics or grouped together in one topic.

So if Jona has a time problem reading everything perhaps another approach would be worth thinking about: The moderators are eager to help him (which I think is nice!), so eventually it would be an option to make a kind of summary for him. Just filter out the important stuff, put it together in a handy bundle and hand it over to him. Or point out exactly where his personal appearance is needed and he should take a look himself.