Money = Gems = Regrets?

Have you guys spent money on games? Was it worth it?

I haven’t spent a bean on this game. But not that I’m against spending, it’s the amount they expect you to spend. They could at least have the decency to wear a balaclava.


Plus its still an app game, a very good app game but still an app game. I can get tripple A’s for £30-£40. Depending on offers that would get me 10-20k gems. Oh the fact people can spend more to be even stronger grates on me hard. then you’re left a year behind on your upgrades. At least when I buy cod we are all on a level playing field,


I feel really sorry for people that have invested like £5-£10 for a few gems and then realised that it’s got them nowhere. It’s kind of immoral aswell, I know people choose whether to spend gems or not but it feels like your being mislead. I know digital legislation is very much in it’s infancy but I will be suprised if companies are allowed to continue to operate like this in the future.


I support many other apps with ad revenue flare have choosen to not allow me to do this. I’m sure they can set up donate button for those who want to show real support.

i picked other btw… i wanted to show support to a company that makes a game for free that many free members just complain about. but hopefully what i spent will allow the game to live on longer so everyone can enjoy it.

You should add a “no regrets” choice, as I have spent a little money, but I have no regrets on it. I couldn’t leave it blank, so I chose the second option.

I have only spent when I saw some really good packages, once it filled my treasure chamber (max level), and once when it gave another worker and full treasure chamber. It depends on how you look at the money. Of course, it is only an app, but spending the price of a lunch (or a couple of beers) does not seem to be a big issue, as collecting 12M gold to fill the treasure chamber can be achieved with at least 3-4 days of continuous raiding.

The whole idea of paying to “not play” is what I can’t fathom. I understand with workers because they are hard to come by, but gold. It just seems people are bored of playing and want to get to an end point somehow even if it means paying.


It’s like I’ll pay this money so I don’t have to raid bases. What do expext to be doing just looking at the stats change, seeing a tower change from level 6 to level 7


That’s it in it, that’s the hold they have it’s not an addiction it’s the lack of completion we can’t stand. There’s a whole big bang theory episode on it with sheldon.

I have.





“It allows me to move on to another game faster (0 votes [0.00%])”


Why am I not surprised?  :wink:

it allows me to destroy 

does anyone know how to connect to your account on a different device. im on win 8.1 but when i use play store there is no option to connect to my account

It should (on Windows 8.1) use OneDrive to sync your account…