Money to buy war skulls, latest FG's shitty joke?

Dear all RR2 players,

I have to say the new skulls system of FG is nothing but a big joke.

Now you can use your gems to open chest of fortune for a whole lot of skulls, which means use the money to win, not the effort of your clan. 

I have enough of FG shit, we all need to stand up and stop this. 

We quit this war, and maybe this game, not because we are weak, but we want it to be fair and fun.

Laugh us, mock us as much as you want, but what I want is every player must be treated the same, donot use our shitty head to ruin the game.

I lost all my patience and kindness because of this shit, sorry If it bothers you.


I agree :slight_smile:

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too bored with this game…

Now the game becomes unbalanced with poor people like us!!!

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very urgent :angry:

Skulls in chests us unfair…

This game is truly pay to win now… at least tweak it some how. I know you guys want money, you’re running a business. I get it. But you take every opportunity you can to make players spend gems just to compete. Seriously, it’s getting ridiculous… why can’t we just play the game without you trying to bleed us dry? I am one to generally stand by Flare, and defend you guys as much as possible… but in the wise words of Jimmy Valmer, “I mean, come on.”

That’s still better than skull loser bonus because the player still required to bring down the gate and even spending gems have to hit the 3 chests, while the bonus is totally unfair to the alliance that won. Have you seen any football, basketball and volleyball team win some bonus for his team to have played badly and lost? This is an injustice to those who played to win all the time.

royal revolt 2- the game for rich man. always give the best for SK


SK has plenty of free scrolls players, not only now that scroll free is easy but I mean since alliances were introduced.


If you are looking for big spenders who fund this game you should look elsewhere 

if you are not happy,

There is UNINSTALL button, waiting for you… :slight_smile:

Game can’t exist without money

Check out what flare say 

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 5.05.21 PM.png

Why Blaming SK?

Big spender in this game are not only SK and its gang…

there are tons of them…

Why putting too much stress regarding this skull rewards.

Skull rewards will only make big impact If you are in a very close and evenly contested battle…

but if your clan is facing a weaker Alliance, your war is just a piece of cake…

And the sad truth is…

Still weaker Alliances can’t fight against a very strong Clan,even if there is a skull rewards and bonus.

Hey guys,


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Thanks for understading.

Guys, relax. The more money they waste, the more updates we get.

Plus, skull rewards range from 50 to 250. The average battle, as a champion, gives 125 skulls. So they’re basically spending 40 gems each time for the equivalent of 1 battle. It’s not that big a deal.



who cares about champion scores…this is additional skulls on top of that. so champions and non champions alike are paying gems to get even bigger scores!


someone posted they got 22,000 skulls in 5 hours for 3k gems as a non champion. that ruins the game.! this is not insignificant. with a few hundred gems you could get 500+ extra skulls if multiple players do this it ruins the battle. if most people get 3 - 4 k skulls on average for a battle we’re talking a massive % extra… this isn’t grind away get 3,000 skulls and maybe win 5% with a bit of luck its a huge amount more.


Flare wont pump this money back into updates. it ruins wars…basically if you want to pay to win you will… that’s the whole point. there is no point therefore in wars as a competition when you cant win. I think it may be the worst thing flare has done to date.