Monk Color Change for Defense and Offense

I remember posting a suggestion for this a while back, but I can seem to find it for a bump. But to refresh the memory for you guys, the suggestion is to change the robes of the enemy monks to red, just like all other enemy units. All the time I’ll attack a base with monks and find myself trying to attack my own monk. It can be really confusing, so to put it simply: Offensive Monks stay at blue while defensive change to red

Not only Monk also Ogre,Werewolf,Mummy,etc… Flare need to do something about them. when you see many of them on battlefield is completely a mess. thanks you remind me to add it in the list in suggestion big list

Please! This is a big problem in the game. We need to have the defensive colors on the monks, change. It’s awfully confusing when you face a pack of monks in defense, so this change would really help this issue

Hello, the monk colour change will be in the upcoming version. I have just talked to the devs about it. The others are not a priority right now.

Locking this now, since it is answered and will be implemented.