Monk Range latest update


Please advise why my Monk Range power fixed to 1.2? as I remember that my previous Monk Range approx. 5.x and just aware after re-check the stat.

Do I miss latest update information regarding Monk? if yes, why still there forge option for Range power? Is that any compensation due to we’ve spend so many pearls to forged Range power ?

Thanks for your attention.

1.2 is Monk attack range.

Monk heal range disappear from stat after update and flare promised to fix it but has yet to happen.

You can still forge Monk heal range as it still applied in the game, just you can’t see that on current Monk stat.

My apologize for my understanding. So, “1.2” is Attack Range, not Heal Range yeah…,

Many thanks for the explanation and i’ll waiting FG fixing about Heal range. 

Many players got confused about this because at the beginning there was the heal-range shown rather than the attack-range.

Stupid, that they change it. Who is interested in the attack-stats of a supportive unit?