Monk really isn't useful for Healing Towers is he?


Okay, I think they need to do something about the Monk, I just never notice any value to a Monk healing Towers.

Their Healing is significant to something small like Archers, but not Towers particularly with how rarely they ever cast their Healing Spell.

Any thoughts?  Am I missing something?

Yeah, you’re missing something: upgrading them. Most of the time when I face monks in a base and they cast their healing, they don’t allow me to destroy towers with my max sonic blast (they usually heal while I’m already using the spell so those towers survive). Towers survive way more when monks heal them.

Mad monks are best for healing as their healing rate is much better than normal rates. However, to enjoy monks you need to max. them. After level 3 you will find the difference in the healing of troops, but for towers etc. you might need a full blown monky.



I have a level 3 Monk and I honestly, just quit upgrading cause after looking at the stats I don’t see a point.

First off: I’ve never attacked a base and thought those Monks are really holding me back!  Ever! 

Second: Even a maxed out Monk’s heal spell is only: 2,783 The lowest level Monk is only 60% that. 

What am I missing there’s not much difference there.

Does the low level Monk cast Heal spells at a slower rate?

We don’t know if a lower monk casts heal spell more often than a max monk (it could be true but maybe for example for very few decimals of difference and wouldn’t notice visibly that though) but from what i see it has always the same Heal Rate from lvl 1 to lvl 5.

Also if you have a max troop is always better than 2-3 levels less like in this case of the monk have 200-300 healing effectfrom a lvl 3, is always welcome (it makes you save for example in a bad situation those 200-300 more).

Obviously its boost Mad Monk is something totally different:

  • Faster Heal Rate
  • More healing received
  • more damage

in practice you have something really meaningful to use especially with Black Magic. And especially with Mad Monk that you really see the difference when it heals the towers, they regain those 5000+ health again which makes the base tougher to beat moreover if there are also frenzy frost blasters making you waste precious time or your most powrful spell.

If you haven’t noticed, but the Monks only heal when there is at least 1 other Unit wounded (himself not included). That means he will never heal a tower or himself on his own. There has to be a wounded Unit, e.g. Ogre close to him, only then he will heal and his heal will then heal the surrounding towers as well. So unless there is a Unit close to him that needs a heal you can forget seeing a heal, even if you wait a year.