Finally we are getting a new unit addition to the previous arsenal

He will probably cost gems to use.

Nope luckily it will cost gold like other troops ^^

Or leadership maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

It will cost morale like other troops (as per facebook) and I am expecting a very high morale to spawn it. And maybe a new troop academy upgrade it on the way :slight_smile:

Just hope it wont be OP

What’s an OP?

Overpowered. I kinda disagree with Fii Nami, I’m scared of it becoming an useless unit…

I too dnt agree with it being overpowered being a monk and not a fighter it will probably have weaker attack stats then even knights. I hope it don’t get killed itself before healing others.

I also wish it to have a high morale cost or else the most defences will be overpowered.

It has to be a powerful unit, what’s the point on introducing something new that no one will like to use???

It has its own special power (healing), its just its melee attack that will be weak (most probably) or his attack type might be poison.

Also, Monk won’t the last new thing in the new update!! Flare gave a hint that there is lot more to come (looking likes its a major update with lots of new features).

I’m all about it. :wink:


I hope he’s so overpowered it causes skint’s brain to explode.

It will most probably be OP especially in waves, they can heal bloody ogre !! Now wheres my swordrain perk ?

Yup, it could be o.O bt flare had also indicated that it may surprises in defense. They may introduced new spells to balance the overpowered monk (most likely).

Nah, playing this game for 2 years and they never got anything right/balance on first release of new content

I knw bt they can’t just release an OP unit. I bet they would introduce a new spell to specifically suppress the monk

My question regarding this monk healer whatever this will be is:

Since we have already the heal spell in place what the heck the monk is all about? Is Flare trying to make the attacker Imortal? Because using the heal and the monk together as an attacker you don’t have to worry about your troops anymore

If that’s the case I rather do something else for 5 days and come back when all this bad joke is over.

Can still run out of time though

Whatever it is, it means you have a new troop to upgrade (if the academy itself needs to be upgraded, that’s another thing). Flare has its ways to keep all of us busy. 

If there are other updates then this is going to be 2016 spring major update.


My question is how will you use the monk, probably replace shield and use a destructive spell as monk will do the shield work? Wow, new combinations will roll out.


or create a new (4th) troop slot. That seems unlikely but not cannot be ruled out.

Knight, monk and cannons

hammer/swordrain, blizzard and sonic. Game over under 2 min. lol