Monster bases medal count

Since the introduction of Monsters, people in higher range (top 1000) have all started using Monsters in their bases. When monsters are added to the mix, the existing bases are getting much difficult to conquer but the medals system doesn’t seem to take this into consideration.


Monster bases should be giving much more medals than the regular ones. Do you guys agree?

didn’t notice but good point. the monsters do have their individual weakness.

I have been marauding all morning and sword rain does well against all the monsters I have encounterd so far

i know Ogre are getting killed by arblasters and mummy to pyros. But Gargoyles are not getting killed by frosters. They might by the blizzard and are getting killed by bladestorm and sonic blast if activated before they do their trademark dunk. Otherwise frosters are probably doing some damage to them but even if they have 5% hp left, they will still be delivering the full blunt damage to its target. Also, only very few top players have cleared the full dungeon and have all level monsters unlocked. Usuall the others in top 1000 are probably at level 3 Gargoyles, level 3 Ogre, level 2 mummy and level 1 werewolf. We are not even sure how the werewolf will be at higher levels. I am waiting to get level 2 werewolf atleast in next 2 weeks time to use for my offense. Mummy level 2 is getting killed easily by firebolt towers and ogre level 3 is still not strong enough. You can easily go back of ogre and escape the blunt damage and your sonic blast or blade storm can easily kill them. I cannot afford swordrain currently inplace of heal as my hero is not that great. 10k health and fire shield and poison shields are in 1100 range. If you are at a choke point and get hit by 2 waves of gargoyles one from regular path and another from adjacent, you instantly die. Each wave is taking more than half the HP. I am sure they are not more than level 3 Gargoyles.


Bottom line, you should definitely be getting more medals for those monster bases otherwise people might start skipping them altogether.

They should just decrease Gargoyle’s attacking damage , they’re the most overpowered monster in the game.Ogre at level 5 pretty strong , the blunt damage could take half of my hp but still beatable.You just can’t avoid Gargoyle though , they’re quick and deadly.Within 10 seconds I’m already dead when going up against base with high level Gargoyle in 1st wave.Ogre can absorb their damage but they’re too slow to be in front of the king and act as shield.

time your sword rain to just before the gars hit

i use sword rain, heal and hammerstrike i know hammer strike seems weak but it allows more mistakes to be made when raiding a base with gargs as its low cooldown itll knock out half their hp and my frosters or pyros take out the rest most the time tho when this fails i use knights to run ahead

Maybe give more delay attack timing for Gagoyle, they suicide too fast!

they do have suicidal tendencies


No and yes.


I’ll explain:

The rewards should only be based on the difficulty. If the difficulty is higher, so should be the rewards.

It shouldn’t matter if it’s hard to beat because of monsters or other reasons - hard is hard. :wink:

If a base with monsters is more difficult to beat, the reward should indeed be higher. But not because of the monsters - simply because it’s tough.

I guess we are talking the same thing. I feel the flaregames should give more medals for those bases as the complexity is higher but they seems to be ignoring this. If there is a jump in the medals awarded for these bases as they are tough, people we want to compete in league will try to attack them more than ignoring.

I’m not convinced that they are much stronger. Its a bigger challenge and you have to adjust but I’m still able to beat the bases I’ve beaten before. (After some serious losses  :wacko: