Monster combinations in offense

Hey, fellas. Topics about troop and spell combinations have already been created and I wanted to create a topic about monster combinations.

I personally don’t use them since I haven’t been able to max their level yet and I find it not-worthy for the morale points they cost. The gargoyles are devastating for sure in defense. I also like that monsters can reach out to firebolt towers. And I also wonder if you guys are using the werewolves during offense. What do you think about them? Which monsters do you use when attacking, if you do ofc :slight_smile:

I have run up against a few FOB’s that are using monsters and unless you send multiple waves they are either weakend greatly or killed outright by sword rain. same goes for offence. I don’t use then as they take to much to make and are killed to fast. maybe when they are maxed it will be different. I did make a couple waves of gar’s they are the onlty useful monster that I have seen. just my opinion. it is fun to see them in an attack though.

Werewolf almost useless both in defence and offence , the other three seems to be worthy of a place in your raiding troops although I don’t really like gargoyle when attacking as they’re kamikaze unit.Mummy are the best offensively but they do almost no damage to the castle gate , best to bring along pyro and cannon with them.

I usually use a strategy where I summon two cannons and then just constantly summoning knights

Agreed, but pyromancers don’t inflict much damage to the castle gate either

True , thats why you spawn cannon.Pyro is to help you kill all the units and as bait while you’re destroying castle gate.They’re very effective against firebolt tower too.I’ve never swap them for any other unit until now.

The best combination is Paladins, Cannons and Ogres. Try it. It’s GOOOD.

In which way with which spells do you use these guys? Paladins first + 1-2 canons and at late game Ogres?

Lately I have been using Level 2 mummy in my offense. I make sure I have few canons that can reach the castle gate with some 20-30 sec to spare by spawning them now and then. Other than that, bunch of mummys next to hero with hero healing is coming good. Once hero reaches the castle gate all i spawn is only Mummy so that they are instantly available and with their usual stun I am winning some. Also, they are helping me with Gargoyle waves that are coming etiher at last or the repeat waves as i keep them in front of gate and hero is at the corner only coming now and then to use spell to kill any new spawning emeny troops.


I am eagerly waiting to upgarde to level 3 (another week i guess) to enjoy it more. Level 4 Garg has good blunt but they are still very slow and die easily to arblasters. My prefered troops are CANON(max) + ARBLASTERS(max) + MUMMY(little weaker bases)/MORTOR(max) for stronger bases.

I use Swordrain, Sonic Blast and Heal. I use about 10-11 paladins, 3-4 cannons and 1-2 ogres usually in an attack.