Monster islands

Earlier to update , conquering the 5 monster islands for  unlocking medusa, minotor, cyclops etc gave us a great number of trophies, now I get 3 each for conquering the cyclops , I don’t know the math of ur trophy system , unlike most of them .if the payoff for trophies on monster islands is in accordance to the same way as conquering other players, I say it’s unjustified as not all players have the same dominance to unlock the islands, every one reaches dominance at a varied level , some may unlock at lower and others at higher ascension level, I request you to keep the trophies on the monster islands as a standard for all players as it boosts the players to gain some trophies irrespective of there level and no other player is on the loosing end. As I unlock the cyclops islands I c that I get only 3 trophies for taking those island , I am level 46 and those islands are still at high level of 50

maybe you have to much trohpy count! so you get less…

Hi crazycmm … I got 1994 trophys, I feel monster islands should have a standard trophy count for all players, coz when we attack no player is loosing trophys , it’s like a game reward for those islands, I got the standard trophy count for conquering medusa and minotor islands , as all the players received the same before the update . It’s just a suggestion

Can somebody write here, which Hero fight in which Monster Island or Explored Area???

Medusa - Perseus

Minotaur - Ariadna

Cyclops - Odysseus

Hydra - Hercules

Griffin - Prometheus

Phoenix - Cadmus