Monster upgrades in package offer?!

Recently I have received several troop upgrade package offers with monsters. One time, max mummy level, one time max ogre level was offered.


Not sure if this is actually intended? I mean, with max monster level offers in packages, all those VERY hard last dungeons are practically worthless/can be skipped.


I made a screenshot of the offer and I can upload it if wanted?

Yes I want!! I spent a lot of time, bread and gems to get last dungeon levels!!! And now Flare offers monster upgrade packages!?! 

Please post the offer…if they have offer this package (as they do, as you said) they absolutely want to let medium-high level king go away…we all have spent time and gems!!!

I’ve seen someone got the mummy package on Facebook group , think you should take it if you can afford it

Yeah it happened also to me

Jona, hope you’ll read this. Sorry for my bad English and for my brutal expressions but I’m really angry!!! This fact is absolutely absurd, unjust, unequal to people like me that have spent (but I could use “wasted” rather than “spent” now) hours, gems and bread (and maybe I would have to spend that bread for raids! So I lose a lot of money too!!) to complete the dungeons!! First, you (you as part of Flaregames) reduced the dungeon opening time and now you offer max level mummies??? And why there’s no offer for max level skull towers? Or Firebolt towers? Or whatever else you want?? So with only 1500 gems and 0 seconds I can obtain what other players have obtained with millions of gold and with 8-10 days of waiting…oops…wasted time!! No no, this is really bad…

Are you making fun of us (to be a gentleman)?!?!

Yeah it really sucks, as matter of fact yesterday I was trying to finish the lats dungeon, but guest what I couldn’t. And know I realized about this special offer… What can I say… .l. .l.


I will pass the feedback regarding these packages on.







Thanks! Hope these offers get removed soon, for balancing reasons.

Don’t they need to be 1 level off from being maxed to be able to get that offer? I don’t think I ever got this offer from any of my units besides my Arblaster who’s 1 level away. 

Yes the actual offer is always +1 level to the troops (as far as I have observed).  If your troop is one level away from max then the offer says “max <troop> level”

I got some new information on this:


The monsters being part of the troop package was a bug that will be fixed with the coming update.






I agree it totally should come down. unfair

Hope I get that offer before it comes down, though. ahahahaa

Im stuck on Behemoth Camber V

2 crowns. poor hucky

We’ll get 500 Gems when we defeat all dungeon levels. So you can get your max. mummy and beside get back your gems with beat all dungeons.

Yeah this is how I have max gargoyles and level 3 mummie with hero level only being 53

Curious to know what was your rank before monster package and what is now. You should quickly gain your rank and game should still balance out someway i guess.