Monsters gameplay


  I don’t know but have you observed the minimalist of clothing change in the opposition Orges? The undergarment is red, whereas the fighters is blue. Such a small change sometimes is enough to cause the confusion while raiding. Saying that the wolfs feel the same, so basically it’s difficult to know (who is who). The same goes for Mummy.

Is there any technical difficulty to color the monsters red? 

Maybe it’s a matter that does not affect raiding much but seeing the other opposition troops who are colored red and are completely identifiable this could be something meaningful. 


But really this thread is about the monster gameplay. It so visually wonderful to take these monsters into battle (provided you have a decent Leadership). However, the mixing of the opposite troops (monsters) just makes a mess of the situation. 

Anybody has found a solution to come out of this mess? Apart from using the scream…

Suggestions are welcome to improve monsters gameplay.


We can identify monsters since they are larger in size, sometimes you get confused with monks.

Health bar color is the main thing that helps you and the main thing where you put the eyes on. It’s kind difficult to not pay attention to it.

When 3 or more monsters assemble at a spot and when fighting it’s really difficult to find on whose head the bar is?

I watched closely today the opponent Orge has a red color shorts.

You can clearly identify monks as they are wearing red uniform.

It’s that we have not paid much attention to it. We either put our spell and run or use scream to have all units converge on monster.


If you see my guide’s post, monks never wear red color. Never. Ogres always were always wearing red shorts.

Maybe a colored armband might help in identification.

Orge for attackers is blue and for attackers red. Yes.

But when fighting in tricky situation - hard to see that. Something to identify clearly as small units.


OK, monks have become the same color again. I remember them to be red in opposition. Nope I guess. Maybe the red health bar on top may have given that impression.

I hardly notice anything when my wolves, knights and frosters are involved in a melee attack. Its all swirling red. I just go round and round.  :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: that was a good one. 

But yes, it becomes tricky in a real situation. A decision to run or continue attack… which one?

I’d guess they forgot about this when adding the new units (same as they forgot about updating the achievement list, or gold reduction after introducing alliance war battle limits, multi-select for blacksmith melting).

There’s lots of polish missing off the new features of the game.

At times you do get confused. For example I was dodging an ogre and at the same time destroying towers. There was a gargoyle nest, I went behind the ogre and used sonic on the nest to kill it & the gargoyles. By the time, the ogre attacked, I had gone off its way but it had started its attack when I was near the garg nest. It felt as if that ogre is destorying friendly structures

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 

It’s just a game, just paint two opposite teams in a different color or unique identity.


We should be able to design troops and towers too like the hero/heroine. :lol: 

:lol: that will be a bit toooo much, although that will make the game very unique. 

And each base will have an individual characteristic flavor.