Monsters?How about Survival Mode!(PLEASE VOTE)!!!

can u make a multiplayer game for survival mode… there are 4 tents means 4 heroes (players) to guard the Diamond (let’s say the diamond in the wizard tower) and it is in the center … there are 10 waves in that… the enemy are the monsters!!.. please share ur ideas below… :slight_smile:

sounds great

Would be awsome

Tag team will be a great one

I can just speculate, but with the guild update, there might be some form of coop-battles already? Or if not, that could be a starting place to implement such fights in the future, at least.


Given that Flare manages to avoid lag with many players and troops around for coop-battles, they might be a nice add-on to the game :slight_smile:



Btw also a kind of dueling mode could be awesome: A path, at each end one hero tent, and then - may the better king win! :slight_smile: