Monthly Daily Gems package

I just renewed my Monthly Daily Gems package on my main account today for $3.49 (Canadian dollars) and received a nice bonus of 200 gems with the purchase offer, Hopefully others receive the same offer when renewing their daily gems.

ok its cool for you but what is your question?

Basically my post was to just make other members aware that I received a first ever free gems offer when I purchased the monthly gem package and to see if others get the same offer in the next few days than they can share that here in this thread or others may consider buying the monthly gem package for the first time and see if any free gems are offered as a bonus.

That’s been there right from the start.

200 (immediate) + 50 gems * 30 days (1500 gems) = 1700 gems.


I have 2 accounts and have renewed my Daily Gems on both accounts every month since the Daily Gems came out. I may have gotten free Gems when it first started and forgotten but since then this is the first time since I have received free gems.

Yup, you get 200 gems + at least 50 each day for the whole month, what equals at least 1700 gems in total.

i dont think that’s free gems o.O coz when you buy the daily gems package its written that you would get 200 gems instantly and 50 gems per day for the next 30 days. Well i haven’t bought it so i may be wrong :slight_smile:

Yep 200 instantly then 30 days of gem chests to open, 1700 in total.

One of the better deals from Flare if you do want to pay for gems.

You get also some little more gems than only 1700 so it’s cool also for that.