Monthly Festivals

So, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hyped for all the new stuff in the Festivals. The Knight and Ogre skins look awesome, however, I was expecting to have the option to buy archer skins as well, as Madlen said “the archer skins look awesome as well” when she announced the new Festival cycle. Well, I’m sure we have some hidden content that we’ll see soon. Can’t wait for this upcoming festival!

Pretty sure, they will offer more and more Skins in the Future. 

I hope so. The first too we’ve been shown look epic. I love the choice to make an Ogre look like a Cyclops

but i will miss the special uber items … but with luck there are some to buy?


I would like to request this skin for the arblaster:

lol, he looks like a plastic GI Joe figure

I don’t see the picture on my laptop.

I really hope Flare will offer us more than one skin for each troops. I really want my knight or my Paladin can have a wonderful silver armor or why not a awesome gold armor. I really hope the skin are all awesome

Plus the festival who come soon will help us to improve expensive stuffs. Its gonna be fantastic. Very hype to see the first one

I hope we still get at least a few items or pals to buy.

Skins are really not of interest for a lot of players (as in not worth spending any currency on them)

Well, I’m pretty certain we are getting brand new items in the festivals, or at least is some of them. Skins are just one of the newest additions, and that’s why they are getting a lot of attention