Monthly Pro Leaderboard Rewards

I love the fact that we get gems in the Monthly Leaderboards, but I hate that up until the top 100, everyone gets 1 Pro Chest. That means that someone who gets 101st gets the same amount of Pro Chests as the 1000th placer. Not fair at all. While the gem rewards are significantly different, I still say that the Chest should be moved up to at least 2 

You should be happy, cause you can get one chest :wink: Below 100 doesn’t deserve more than one chest. Only the top 100 get a crown(weekly), the rest doesn’t get one which means that they should be treated equally :wink:

You’re saying that someone who worked their butt off in 4 PL should get the same amount of chests as someone who did terrible in the one PL he played in?

agree, they should change it so anyone below 500 in monthly gets no chests at all.

If they work their butts off in 4 PL then they should have gained decent rewards in each of those 4 PLs… 

Monthly reward is just a extra bonus 

It is a competition people spent gems on it, or they bought with real money, or they spent lot time winning diamond  league every time.

So those who find that under 500 deserves no chests, find that those people’s money is nothing worth.

If i buy something in a store, and i got nothing in return, it will be the last time i will buy something in that store.

In pro league we are speaking about real money, so better rewards are required, even for the lower.

The 1st in monthly leaderboard get almost 250 euro as reward, when you are 101th only 500 gems.  Ridiculous big difference.  Flare is laughing with those who try to get top 100.

Spending 3000 gems for getting 500 in return.  I find personally it is ridicolous low return.

The rewards flare gives are fiction it costs for them no money, we spent real money in it


3000 gems for 500 in return is ridiculously low - return. They should make it so if you spend 3000 gems, you should get at least 3000 back in return, the average player should get 6000 gems back for every 3000 they spend. Now this would be GOOD value, i’m sure lots more people will spend money buying gems, if they could then use gems to get twice as much back.


If they worked their butt off, they would’ve finished in the top 100 to deserve more. You get enough rewards in the PL with little to no effort. If you want more chests from the monthly leaderboard, just score better to finish in the top 100 :wink:

Fg would make less money. Fg would never give the people more than they spent. If you would get 6k back for 3k spent, you would never have to buy gems again and fg doesn’t like that xD

thats not true at all, I spend no money, but I get thousands of gems from FG.

going by teamy’s value for money conversions, you could say I’m earning money playing this game. Few more years I can retire.

I don’t spend money either, but not everyone is capable of saving gems and getting lots of gems for free. Many struggle. If everyone could do it, fg would be broke :wink:

Good for you, but i haven’t the time to play dozens of games to get some free gems from tapjoy.  Only the 1st in dl get 375 gems, so except 2nd, 13 plays 3 days for getting 8 gems.

it is true, there are players who can say they spent no money getting at max lev, 8 slots bs and playing pro league every week.  But i guess only a few have to buy gems for obtaining that.  


I often think in your posts, you forget RR2 is a game. And in many games the good players get better rewards, loot etc.
You don’t need to use tapjoy for gems, or even win a DL to have enough gems to play PL every week - if you know what you are doing.

Sure you can make up some of it with time or money in RR2, but you cant be a top player without knowing what you are doing. But you can be a top (ish) player without money. Spend money or not, most players will never be good enough to make it to the top.

And also games are played for fun, you seem very angry with the game, but keep playing.

Just for clarity, my earlier posts and suggestions here were just in jest, they were not serious suggestions although I am not sure from replies if that was clear.

Actually if the dynamics of game were properly balanced in all areas I believe there would be a dramatic increase in revenue from free players to become paying players. Any player in the game as of now is a source of income for Flare. The % is smaller than the paying player but still is there.

When I see how greedy fg is, I won’t give them money. The only thing I “bought” was the daily gems, which wasn’t even out of my own pocket :wink: If it was my money, I would’ve never given them any money. In almost 3 years, I’ve spent about 60-70€ I think, which is almost nothing. I will never buy any gem package or one time offer or whatever. Ofc people would buy more, if they weren’t so greedy

*gasp* YOU STOLE! :lol: