Monthly Pro leaderboard

3/4 Pro Leagues in This month, and top score have +6900 points, Thats more than max for each of the 3 Leagues, and many more on +6000. What happen here? I dont say they cheat, just that scores is fucked up or bugged ? 

Flaregames glitched everything and lowered my score

Than they glitched it up even more and increased by more too much (1883)

Now I am 12th in the world with 6500+

However, they have told me that this is only a visual error and WILL NOT have any effect on our rewards

It’s a bug which increased significantly my teammate’s monthly pro score too.

3 × 2190 = 6570 !!

Wie ist posibul?

Sombody have mor than 7250 !!!