I have Athena at level 10. She has under 14 morale. When I choose monsters to support her in attacking enemy islands, I recently choose the phoenix as one of the monsters. Because I don’t have 14 morale, the blue bar would fill up and then monsters would not be spawned - not even the ones with less than 14 morale.

It would be great if the game identified that you had selected a monster that you were unable to spawn. Your morale is not shown anywhere in the info stats so until you start the attack (or you make notes about your hero’s starting morale) you don’t know your starting morale. Choosing a monster you are unable to spawn (because you don’t have enough morale), wastes a slot and usually loses you the attack. 


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Buddy, don’t ever use a pheonix or griffin with Athena.

Mine is at level 20 and I have to carefully choose her units for raids.


Athena needs more leadership. 

See this is what I said too @dumpster .I know her stats are better than before but reducing her morale bar to this low is really a bad decision @CaptainMorgan.

New players can’t use her anymore.

Anyways I can now use her thanks to the good items I have forged but others are not that lucky anymore.  

I play her with great success and call ONLY griffins ?


Same here???

Then why did you tell him to NOT USE griffins???

Because his Athena is at level 10 not level 20.???