morality of developers

I understand everything about pay to win games. U give money flare games profits and everybody profits etc. But what about free pkayets hmmm? My name is Milos Radulovic and i was a big fan of the game until cupple of minutes ago. This is directly to the developers: Did it ever occur to you to insert ,are you sure?, when spending diamonds!!! I had 490 diamonds and i upgraded throneroom. I was cheking on a progres and i exedently spent 478 diamonds to instatly finish it. I broke window and an arm this morning. But now i am calm!!!(NOT) It occurs to me however that this famous ,are u sure?, option isnt in the game purposly so stuff like this would happen all the time so people would pay 5 bucks out of desperation. If thats the case i have one more thing to say to developers( i hope u all break ur arms so u never operate a progeam again in ur honorless lives, also ur sisters wifes and daughters(if any) are whores. If they are not they will become becouse they arebrelated to you!!! I wish u illnes and unhappines for the rest of ur 5buck draining lifes!!! U loat a hardcore fan today


Um, did you break your arm and a window over spending less than 500 gems? 

I accidentally spent 1200 gems to finish upgrading my spike traps, and though I’m still a little annoyed, I didn’t break anything. 



im also touched accidentally the scroll icons was taken more in summary :slightly_frowning_face:

it could be good to make able remove scrolls from the screen