More balanced perk upgrade values

I feel the perk upgrade values are unbalanced.


Per upgrade a skull bonus perk increases by 0.1% that is reasnoble concidering how effective it is to avoid to big gaps and advantages.


But why does xp perk only increase by 0.1% per level as well? Its not really giving a big advantage in wars or raids. Luck increases by 0.2% and start morale by 0,7% just to mention.


I am level 97 and all my skull gear i got with a value between 2.1 - 2.7 in comparison xp perk values i gotten was between 15-18%. So it seems really strange why xp perk just get + 0,1% per level upgrade


Other values like increasing a HP perk also seems really useless. Theese upgrade values needs some more concideration

Agreed. Still have not seen any difference with my life drain perk which I am continuously spending pearls on to upgrade.

Yeah life drain doesnt do much. even with 3 lifeleech items you might get about 60hp per attack but  level 90+ you should have like 15k+ hp.

Not even qualified as a drop in the ocean :confused:


Yeah, the only perk that really effects anything game play wise is Farmer.  Everything else is a joke!

Kind of, but I disagree. Farmer is the most useful perk by far but…

War Skulls Perk is very useful in top alliances.

Flothaboss has a Blizzard perk that lets him one-shot maxed elite wolves, now that’s what I call really useful.

Start Morale and XP Boost can be good too if used properly.

But in general, you’re right when you say most perks are a joke…


I almost included Skull perk, but I was lazy typing.

And Flothaboss’s Blizzard Perk has me jealous!

Skull and farmer perks are the best, but how to get them if I cancel XP boost for 50gems and I receive another XP boost? I had the same with starting morale. One canceled, another appeared…Or if I cancel attack power and I receive another attack power.

Ive spend arround 1000gems and still didnt have any skull bonus perk or a magic spell perk (Ive received only one which i actually dont use because I don`t use that spell)