More balanced war system

Nobody care about this game… sry flare to update you need 1 month… 

After this season I will retire my acc!!!

There is absolute no fun!!!

3 teams are top all others can just dream.


@L0k0 you are quite right, I think the reason there are only 3 main alliances now is due to giving unique items in the top 3 position chests, so they don’t want to miss out. Also by remaining together, the high trophy players don’t fight each other on the island maps often and can remain with higher trophies for longer…such is the way this game is going. FG have encouraged this, despite the suggestions made.  It will not change for a long time.

They could do limit 500k tropys alloud / team

( maybe not best idea but they should brake this best teams )

I like my TX but is not fun to beat all others!

( only 3 teams )

Yes I had considered that a trophy limit be put on all teams…and also that same alliance players should find each other on the island maps, sure they fight together in wars,  but there is only one Olympus after all, isn’t that the story!  The other suggestion is to have a set quota of maximum lvl players, say 60% maximum lvl 130-131, something like that.  It’s a complete monopoly, and they don’t realise it’s not doing any favours for this game.

The players of these alliances would circumvent the obstacle by voluntarily reducing their trophies causing even problems to the players of lower LVL with which would be matched on the map

Nice comment. A team composed with all highest lvls/ correct defences /top players somewhat ruining the game with this leaque format. Every team tolarete to lost against a clearly strong team. That is natural. But the main issue is; the players of the rest teams can not find a suitable match up. Active but lower lvl players forced to quit game. It is sad… Wish there is another concept, for example war against AI or something else (team work) … And we would have a change to play with our loyal friends … 

That’s exactly why I’ve suggested a more balanced War System:


This is an interesting discussion that would probably be better in the Suggestions forum instead of the monthly questions forum. 

@dumpster done, thanks

I suggested something similar back in February. Trophies would be a very bad thing to base a system like that around, though. They’d have to do something very, very different. For that reason it’s probably unlikely to happen. 


@Madlen this is why nobody likes Olympus Rising anymore 

I personally have given one star rating to Olympus Rising as developers only bring updates to make stronger even more stronger or should I say unbeatable.

Top 4 teams are filled with end level players with super buggy items that rarely see any decrease in strength even with level gain.

Let me put my dissatisfaction in simple words.( @Warriornator this why game is so hard for everyone except top four elite teams)

1)No team can beat top 4 teams as they are made up of old players with buggy items while new teams are made up of new players with nerfed items and unique items.

2)Top teams have first generation unique items with unbelievable perk values.while today any OR player only gets super nerfed duplicate unique items.

3)league system is very bad gaming design as it allows few team to have unlimited all war blessings and new update was very bad that enhanced defense overnight.

  1. Gatekeeper are in broken state thatnks to last update or so called fix done by developers.(make them super weak ,plaese it is essential for the game.)

5)why game even have perks like Damage reflection and area damage which allows any gatekeeper to kill a large army in a matter of one or two seconds.

Why don’t you start listening to your non elite player base that actually spend money on your game FG.

P.S. I haven’t seen so much baised updates in any game and from a developing team especially.




Hi guys, Thanks for your feedback. I have forwarded this to the developers.

I agree @HOLYDIVINE there are many aspects that still need work - mostly focused around the gatekeeper as you can ‘play’ a battle really well using very good strategy, then suddenly come up against a GK that can kill your troops and in some cases your hero in a few seconds even in defensive mode.  

Point 1; it will be  very hard to beat the top 4 as they are the top players of the game who have conglomerated in several alliances only, the rest of us are fighting for scraps. I don’t think there is a solution to this. Most players don’t like to fight the top bases due to very high oddessy buffs but more importantly the Gk’s are deadly and means probably spending gems.

  1. I think uniques got a 10% boost last update or at least some stats did. But yeah 1st generation for those lucky enough to have them, do have about 20% extra over what we mostly have. 

  2. War blessings - the bad distribution, giving lower lvl players little incentive to fight war. In addition the top 3-4 alliances having prize blessings tht were from past seasons no longer valid! ( FG won’t fix) 

4/5. Totally agree - with the increase in defence which was probably needed ( think chaos gate health is very exaggerated now) whether it should be that much higher? But the GK is still massively OP for what it should be.  It should be an OBSTACLE that hinders progress - not destroys any chance of  completion of the base in 2-3 seconds. Badly needs a fix to control LoH/damage/ DR 

20% isn’t correct. Do you want the real numbers?

I just laugh - these problems are written for months - I also tried to explain it in a technical way - but the developers know it very well - their answer is: we do not want to solve the problem !!!

Hi guys, Thanks for your feedback. I have forwarded this to the developers.


Simple-what you can do-the alliances that I do not want to stay in the Titans: Leave Alli with 8 players level 5-until you return to the lower league-do not reach the Titans war prizes-at the first 4 alliances and you will see how they also want them the Change!!!

No Titan ….  No party    ??

in the end, save gems and liver, for a season - invest in improvements - and create discomfort for members of the first 4 alliances