More/Better Stats! (Necromany, Dirty Bombs, Stunning Paladins, and Usable Frost and Gargoyle Towers!)

Okay, so I maybe “almost” one of the first’s to do this…

I’ve basically maxed out all the stats on all my units!

To be clear.  Obviously I’ve maxed out all the levels, but I’ve maxed out all the stat upgrades as well.  And by maxed I mean upgraded all 3 about 17 times, to the point where further upgradding of them isn’t really giving you any real value. 

So obviously, once again, Flare needs to expand the game to give players like myself more options…

So yes I want more stats to upgrade, but I also want better stats to upgrade! 

Some things have really creative stats that add a new element like: Regeneration for the Shield spell.  And Blunt Damage for the Mortar. 

So I want more creative stats hopefully stats that allow the under utilized elements of the game to be used more!

Such as:

Paladin: Stun, currently you can add stun damage to Sword Rain, so how about a small amount of stun damage for the Paladin with the Hammer!

Frost Tower / Gargoyle Tower: Range, obviously, they need increased range you can walk right past them without getting hurt!  Sorry Flare, but that was stupid of you!

Gargoyle: Poison Damage, Everybody knows these guys aren’t used enough…  Give them like a Dirty Bomb so if they miss their target (towers), and hit a group of soldiers they will really f*ck them up.

Stun: Fire Damage, Stun is obviously a Lightning bolt give it some fire damage so Firestorm isn’t literally the only spell with Fire Damage!

Heal: (New Property: Necromancy) Heal has become almost unused since the introduction of the Monk so let’s give Heal something to make it unique.  If heal had a necromancy stat where you could raise the just dead…  Imagine a bomb goes off and kills a mess of your Knights, you heal with the necromancy stat and your Knights come back to life!  I’d say that it’s only good until the Knight’s sink into the ground.  You don’t want to make the game process anymore than it already does.  And also I’d say when it raises the the dead they don’t come back at full health.  Maybe they only have 10% health and the actual heal effect can bring them back part way.  But that way to limit the power of necromancy, it really wouldn’t do much for an Ogre, he’d come back to life, but only have a small amount of health even after the full effect of the heal.  Where as a Knight as the full effect of the heal would be almost 100% healed up and ready to go.  So Heal would be effective in raising small units not so much large units.



Heal…Wouldn’t they have to drag one foot?



I think necromancy could be completely new spell, something new in heal/shield category.

Instead of healing, shielding units you can resurrect them. Maybe only with 50% of original health.

I wouldn’t argue against it as a totally new spell. 

I think range for gargoyle and frost tower wouldn’t be very useful, because they were exactly made for having a short range, so forging it would be almost useless because the improve should be very low, unless you want to see them used as trap towers . So the best change for them (I think) would be buffing their range permanently instead of making range a perk (just like they did with Snake Tower).

I’m not against that either!

Actually, something I thought of that I would love for the Frost Tower is…

Have the Frost Tower “cast” the Blizzard Spell occasionally.

When you’re on offense there’s nothing that will one shot kill a Werewolf…

Frost Tower could change that.  And in doing so become a usable tower!

Obviously, the perks on the new Yeti armor open up a whole new world of Perks!

And I’ve fully upgraded the states on most of my units!  I need new perks!  (What am I going to do with my pearls?)