More communication for alliance members

There is a lack of communication into an alliance. Nice features like private message, mini forum would be nice to bring closer teammates ! :slight_smile:

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I would very much like to see an private message system to talk inside the alliance, and to recruit new members, making the comunication between players in this game, a reality.

I think this is one major flaw with a great game like yours.

I hope to see it soon.



I totally agree with you, the chat system is also as archaic as the setting for the game in ancient Greece. It seriously needs improving!

Hello, maybe in the future (near), may we please have a chat system ingame, or at least a mail system, so we can at least communicate with other players?  Thank you !

Yes, that have been requested often in the past.

The following thread is the best one I found about it:


It would be great to be able to get in contact with other members. Now we can only chat on the alliance board. I would like to be able to send private messages or invite people to a private chat.

I am officer in our alliance and sometimes i just like to chat privately with our general. This is not possible at this moment.

if I want to invite someone to join our alliance, it would be great to add a message to the invite.

if one of our members is not performing as expected, a private message would be great.


You are totally right. Private chat needed (of course it can be turned off). Btw we solve this issue with creating a whatsapp group. 

All these issues have been raised SEVERAL times, and I was told that it would only be a consideration if enough people requested it … then maybe. Obviously enough people haven’t asked 

It has been requested many times, but in the end people used workarounds like LINE, whatsapp, telegram and so on…

Someother games like OR, there are:

Global chat

Private chat (with team members or anyone)… 

I believe it can be done easilly by Devs. 



it is true that you can use other communication channels. the point is that if you do, you have to leave the game. and then you can only communicate with people that you know their whatsapp account, or telegram,Skype etc.

In-game communication. that is what is needed.

  • if I invite someone to our alliance, I can tell him/her why I think he/she is a good candidate and what to expect.
  • If an opponent in the war is to strong for me and I get a beating, it is nice to be able to tell that person that he did a good job.
  • if someone is not paying his alliance fee, i like to be able to send that person a priv message

simple things like that will make this great game a lot better.

besides that. I don’t want to be forced to open a twitter account or have whatsapp installed on my iPhone. I want this game on my iPhone.I don’t want twitter and Facebook.

there is not even a way to send your wishes in-game, report a bug or flag players because they cheat. could be so simple, a private message to support…

Hey guys, improving the in-game chat is still on our radar and one of our priorities. That said, it could be some time until the changes we want to make can be implemented so best not to hold your breath.

We’re very aware that improvements to chat are one of the most-requested features, and we also want to make improvements here, as we see it as an important area to improve in. Thanks for the continued feedback, and keep bringing the ideas and suggestions.

Hi CaptainMorgan,

thanks for that positive message. 

You say it takes some time until the changes you want can be implemented. I guess you’re not going say how much time we can expect. this year(2017) or next year?

Hey :slight_smile:

You’re right. At the moment I cannot yet say when this feature will arrive in game, but I will update the community once we have a better idea of the timeline for chat improvements. It could be this year, but that’s not certain.

this year would really be awesome. I hope you devs can accomplish that.

The communication in this game sucks. How about some in-game mail? I prefer to mail a letter to someone letting them know that they are about to get booted, instead of calling them out in alliance chat. An embarrassed player may leave instead of being corrected to alliance’s way of doing things.   A good game with wars like this game has; needs better communication. Communication is the only way to build connectivity with players. If players don’t feel connected, they either quit the game altogether , leave alliance or play solo.  

Maybe we can also get another chat board for alliance leadership? This way, leaders can discuss strategy without confusing the whole alliance reading chat. Yes, I could give out my email to players and correspond outside of game, but is that really safe internet behavior??? I like the chat and mail options you guys have in Royal Revolt2. Is there a way you guys can make that happen in this game too???

Theres a really vibrant community on many networking apps, the biggest is on LINE. 

If you download the app and add texasdumpster as a friend, I’ll invite you to the main OR chat. Getting your team to adopt it is on you. 


But yeah, better in game communication would be great. 

So there is a community Line chat after all… Interesting at the very least. An announcement with it would be nice tbh, I would’ve certainly found out earlier then.


Communication is something that the devs are aware of, the solution is yet to be developed though. For now, as dumpster has correctly mentioned, most resort to things like Line or Discord, which enable allies to communicate safely and comfortably