more customizable things

-customizable hair and face (gender if possible) -more colors on equip

-more alliance logo



it’s quite boring seeing the same kings and logos all over the place

but maybe it’s just me

what do you think?

-more alliance logo



I agree, there should be more alliance customizations. I mean, there are 6 full suits for your king, of 9 parts each. That is 96; and there are ten (I think?) color schemes available. So, 96 x 10 = 5,000,000. There are approximately 300,000 active RR2 players (the last time I checked). So that is about 17 schemes per player. Note: this is excluding multi-coloring! There are currently 10 alliance symbols, and 10 background designs. Then there are 3 colors to choose as well. That is 105. The last time I checked, there were about 50,000 alliances, so there are about 2 symbols per alliance. Of course, most people don’t choose the same colors for all three; so it is really more like 1.4 per alliance. Do you see the difference? There is less than _one tenth _of the customizations per alliance than there is per player.

The calculation is incorrect. 10 alliance symbols = 10 alliance symbols!5000 alliances per symbolAll emblems alike. Impossible to find what you want.

lol… 6 suites with 9 parts each… not 9^6 actually. 6 suites means per part you have six choices, so you have “x6” combinations for each part, so 6^9 or 10,077,696. Also there are e.g. a lot more than 6 different crowns/helmets, so it is more like 8^9 (134,217,728) or even more (there are even over 10 different crown/helmet variants, but I am not sure about the variety of all other item slots) actually. (The 6 suites you refer to are not all that exists.)

As you can color each part individually, that means per item type this gives a combination multiplier of x12 (as there are 12 color schemes) per item type…


Just by assuming a minimum of 8 different designs per item type, you end up with 8x12 = 96 possible options per equipment slot, and 96^9 = 692,533,995,824,480,256 total combinations for hero equipment. That is about 7 x 10^18, or seven quintillions ( A few items don’t use all 3 sub-colors, so might be a little less in perceivable practice, but that’s the scale we talk about :grinning:


However, one thing to keep in mind is that the different item models (unlike colors) can’t just be changed at will. You will usually have your best gear equipped and have not every different model available in your inventory, so actually you only have a diminishingly small fraction of all existing appearance options available for choosing at any time. 

In contrast, you can pick any alliance logo option at any time, i.e. you can actually really choose among all existing options/variants. I think that difference is worth thinking of when talking about and comparing options/numberOfWhatever ratio for different kind of customizable things. :grinning:



Currently I don’t have detailed numbers and data for the alliance logo at hand. But assuming 10 symbol and 10 background designs with 3 color options (1 for symbol, 2 for background) with like 10 different colors available, then that should be 10x10 = 100 options for the symbol, 10x10x10 = 1000 options for the background, making 100x1000 = 100,000 combinations in total for customizing your alliance logo.


This is then indeed not that many options, so a few more symbol and background designs might be cool. :slight_smile:

Though, I noticed that some alliances permanently change around their logo, so creating a unique and recognizable visual appearance might be hard - I mean, an alliance logo that stays the same for no more than 2 days before it gets changed again is never going to be recognized or perceived as a unique logo representing that alliance anyways… (just a hint to alliance leaders). But of course, it depends what you want: A very unique logo or a cool/beautiful logo? :grinning:



  1. I was unsure about how many full suits there were, so I said 6 because I knew there were at least 6.

  2. Didn’t notice my 96 vs 69 error… thanks for pointing that out!

  3. I didn’t realize there were 12 color schemes, either…

  4. Most people, from what I have seen, do not choose one color for this piece, this color for that one, etc.; so I said just x10, like you said…

  5. So, 1,610,612,736 for about 300,000 active players (probably more now, I haven’t checked since the alliance update). There are probably at least 350,000 active players now, I would guess, as RR2 is one of Google’s featured must-have apps. That is, then, 4600 distinct looks per player.

  6. Which is 300x as many king designs per king as there are alliance shields per alliance. So, who else thinks there should be something done about this?

Is this topic about math now lol

I agree.


Like how many updates have past and yet they still haven’t added new groups if colors

Well to be fair, it’s not that long since alliances have arrived and since then not many major updates have arrived.

About the other things suggested here, so far I haven’t had the impression that lots of people care/wish about those that much.

With limited working capacity, flare always has to decide and prioritise different things and requests, as well as balance new feature requests with already planned content updates and bug fixes. If there are 100 posts demanding bears, we might get them. But not with 1 post^^

I think,that is the point.

I would like to have a bigger granny market where I can buy gears to personalise my king. I don’t want the right to buy better or more powerful gears, cos the logic to get better gears only by getting a higher king level, must stay the same.

I also don’t want more discounts.

I only want to fit my king as I like to.

With this market everyone would have the possibility to personalise his king by spending gold or gems without powering him up.

I would like to make an own alliance logo or too upload it from my PC and too customize my character and alliance range. I would also see more animations in the city like walking people’s and trening warriors…