More Customization for the King

I want to be able to customize my King a lot more!

At the very least I’d like to see the whole belt and/or kilt/loincloth change colors as opposed to being merged into the customization for the armor. 

Ideally though I’d like more freedom with the colors.  I’ve been trying to create a blue/green look for my king which I can’t achieve the way the game is currently set up. 

You always want more of everything, you seem to never be happy with what we already have. Obviously they have to keep introducing new content to keep the game fresh, but asking for more and more all the time won’t make the updates come faster.

karman is right if you keep asking for more we might never get the update

Most of the people on this forum insist Flare isn’t listening at all.  (I’m pretty sure I’ve even hear you complain about that.)  Now you think they are listening so closely and scrambling so quickly to fix everything I say that they’re never going to get anything done?  I doubt that.

don’t say it like that 

they have done some of the things players ask maybe about 20 out of 100 things they did

wait that’s not a lot 

Maybe 2 option available : With the color we have plus if we can have more like white + red,white + blue,etc…if we have already that well on my screen that look light grey

or if you want to change part by part example : Crown Gold,Pauldron gold but with shoulder White,Armor Black with the stripe red,Boots green,Sword Pink,etc…

i would like new armor design not just a little look that change but more specific like Metal Armor,leather Armor,Light Armor with different design

same thing with pauldron : big pauldron,small pauldron,with skull,with spike,normal,etc…

Have a 2 brand new slot of equipment : one for a double weapon : double Sword or Sword and Hammer,etc…

a second for a Shield : different shield : small,big,huge,round,large,with spike,with customisable you can add you emblem of your alliance,etc…

that sounds great