More D_ck P_cs

@GalaMorgane this is getting stupid. You slam people here for cartoon bikinis but allow raw dick pics to play during your game.

No, I don’t look at porn on my phone. Even if I did, this is unacceptable. The final ad screen is below since you deleted all the others from the last thread. 

Get to your damned suppliers and fix this already. 




20180608_143255.jpg (0 Bytes)

WTF? FLARE should wake the hell up and either set age limit at 18 and over or get rid of these ads.


You seem to attract d_k, mate. :grinning:

But yeah, “get your b0n3r goin’” is typical spam, not a legitimate ad in a legitimate game. And it IS flare’s responsibility - ad providers provide the ads but it’s flare that displays them and it’s up to flare to regulate what type of content is used in their service. Good luck walking into a church with a satanistic porn flick playing on your tablet for everyone to see and arguing you have nothing to do with it, it’s the flick that plays ITSELF on YOUR tablet YOU brought along.

Dear all, 

Thank you for bringing this up. We will make sure to look into this. 

I will hide your messages accordingly, I hope you understand. 

Have a nice weekend. 

Was this not brought up before and supposed to be looked into? 

Wow really? so Archimedes just confess and reveal the truth. So since 2 weeks or 3 weeks since everyone report porn video ads,penises and all Flare have lie to everyone when they have say we look into this. Flare like to lie apparently a little too much often. How we can believe you after this? We understand more now thank you. So when you say in Bugs and Problem section we will look into this in reality its pure lie. That explain why 90% of bugs are not fixed. 

Continue like this Flare you don’t care of anything and one day your empire will go down for good. You cannot continue this way come on.

Dam, I’ve yet to be able to enjoy one of theis hot n heavy flicks? Can’t think of anything I’d rather do than jerk off while revolting?Lol


Dear all, 

We apologise for the trouble and are actively investigating the issue. 

Thanks for staying vigilant and please let us know if you spot anything else like this. 

Have a good day. 

Duck Pics?

hope you joking lol. change the U by a I you have the answer

Dig Pics? I’ve seen them many times in the dungeon - disgusting, really.

Sorry my mistake. that was more Dog Picks. Of course… some dog are scary. Its obvious