More distinctive heroes and more realistic landscape

Hallo all :slight_smile: I LOVE the game but I think there r some things that need A LOT of improvement:

  1. I think the heroes feel pretty much the same, they differ only in terms of their primary spell and their attributes. Other than that, they all have access to the same troops and I think they all r pretty ok with 2 or 3 troop slots max. Of course the more spell slots the better, but still, with 3 spell slots u r ok.

I believe the whole game should be based around heroes and thus make them VERY different!!! I mean look at the heroes in warcraft 3 they r all so simple but yet so distinctive !!! and Blizzard created a whole genre of strategy, pvp and who-knows-what-else games  … FG u have done a VERY VEEEEERY sloppy work with heroes, as a result, even the raids feel repetitive, maybe thats why FG added the auto-play button, they realised how boring raids can get after a while and thats why they added that feature  ? By the way, Ariadne is no hero, she s merely the cheek that tipped off Theseus how to get through the Labyrinth.

  1. While raiding, the path u follow to reach the town gate looks like it s surrounded by plain ground covered with a few rocks and some grass, as a result, when u reach a barrier that u need to destroy to continue it makes u think like "why cant your troops and hero just walk around it!!! please fix that, put something to make the player think that the path through the obstacles and towers is the only way to the gate.

Thank U :slight_smile: