More Dungeons!

I love the dungeons, and I want more of them.

Because obviously, Flare wants to limit the amount of Gems they are giving away.

Maybe the new dungeons could unlock Super Elite Bonuses that last a week, but only apply to that one not his/her whole alliance.

Co-op alliance dungeon would be epic. 

I would suggest something else seen in many other games. Leave the original dungeons as they are now. As soon as you finished all the levels, reset the dungeons and give access to beginner, intermediate and expert level. 


A beginner level would be a dungeon without boosts. I would replace gems, vouchers and monster rewards by gold or something like that, since a player who was able to beat all original dungeons, will also be able to beat this one, that’s why it is a beginners dungeon.


In intermediate level, only normal boosts are active. So no war boosts (also no doom gate! that’s a war boost). For most players this is still doable, but still it could be a challenge.


Once you complete intermediate, you should go to expert mode. Normal boosts plus war boosts can be active. Gems and voucher rewards I would add here. It’s difficult to complete those dungeons and should be rewarded.


It should be easy to do so, just keep dungeon design the same. Only activate or deactivate the boosts. And for players this is hours of extra fun.

how about a new dungeon every month that has 500 gems?

Sounds like a suggestion I made some time ago, once you complete them, they start again “with special rules”.

Since the Blacksmith upgrade, Flare has really made pearls a resource to be regularly generated.

I’m now generating about 48 per day.

So why not make a pearls dungeon?

What about a weekly dungeon where you can find Gems/Pearls/Legendary items.

This dungeon is only available if you allready got all other dungeons.

It can be a hard dungeon based on Kings level.

Sounds good, but Flares might end up making it too hard to make it pay to win  :slight_smile:

I miss the dungeons. 

I beat them all, and I need more!

I love the weekly dungeon idea!