More Emblems, Emblem Backgrounds, and Colors

Players don’t have many options to customize themes in the game besides Landscapes, Kings Color, and Emblems.

It is a small update but it would be huge if players had more options to customize there emblems.


Colors: There should definitely be more. We only have 10 colors to work with right now and there is space for 10 more I believe.  This is a no brainer.


Backgrounds: There are only 8 backgrounds right now and literally thousands of alliances. Sure there are tons of combinations but 8 is not enough. There is plenty of room in the emblem creation window for more.



Emblem: It is way to hard to get new emblems and we don’t even know how to get new ones because flare won’t tell us. Though I have nothing against the top 4 alliances it is not fair only they can achieve certain emblems.


I think we get new emblems at 10, 20, 30, 55, 60, 70… And who knows after that.

Jumping from 30 to 55 for a new emblem is ridiculous.

That is really ridiculous. Like i said it is a small update but it would be huge if we had more options.

I don’t mind that there are emblems only the best alliances can achieve but there needs to be way more options for the other 99% of the game.