More empty inventory spots

I believe the increase in finding inventory items in the daily and war chest should lead Flare to increase the current inventory capacity. I believe an extra 10 spaces should be provided. Above that, the spaces can be purchased. 

The prices are outrageous for the value now. Atleast make some event where u put them 75% off gotta pay 200 gems for 30th slot even at 50% I wouldn’t

I’d pay max 50 gems for a slot, 100 gems for +1 slot is already too much, and 200 gems for what we have now is outrageous.

I paid the 30th slot coz i have full inventory when I got legendary sword from CoF

I always make sure I have one vacant slot in case of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Inventory slots should now cost pearls.

Or better, every king level upgrade can have extra free inventory spots.

Too much easy, i should have 96 free slots XD and someone even more than me XD

Would make more sense to give 1 per every 10 levels and have a fixed price of 50 or something for extras.

Why should it be do expensive? It doesn’t give the players Amy edge over each other. It’s just more convenient for thoose who wishes to keep different sets

I came across a trick mentioned in another thread to get additional inventory slots for free that is not cheating. First make sure all your inventory slots are full then complete one of 17 of the “Cave of Grave Goods” levels in the dungeon. If you are successful in getting all 3 crowns you will be awarded an additional inventory slot.


I currently have 34 slots but only spent gems on the first 2 or 3 slots and have yet to complete the last 3 levels.

Why not add slots for grabs like events or 1 slot extra in CoF during an event?


I mean CoF is basically testing your fortune, so anything that is part of the game should be given out in the CoF not only currency, gems and items but other special items (like inventory slots, perks, etc.) as well.

Thanks for this thread Ann. It’s a painful issue indeed.


Great ideas with Leveling, slots event, or buying them for pearls. Hope Flares adopts these ideas.