More evidence about the horrible trophy system

Please explain to me how I lose 5 trophies when this guy barely gets through half my base? It’s just ridiculous! This happens too often. The trophy algorithm needs to be severely reworked!


I believe the answer is the same as it always has been. The attacker is probably quite a bit lower in trophy count or hero level and more than likely both since I see none of their troops are boosted it’s probably a low level alliance/player that has foundthey get trophies out of your base. 

On a separate note why complain when they gave you 18 gems. 5 trophies is easy to make up with 1 easy raid.

Oh, so as long as I’m 600 trophies below a player I can miserably fail and gain trophies? Does that seem fair? Of course not!

If RR2 work like Olympus Rising. Well its not fair at all. If someone by example have only 600 trophy for a level 70. On the map he will get +19 trophy for each battle. Really not fair for the one who will see -19 in the defense log.

So in RR2 if someone have 2,000 and try to fight a 4,100 and the base give 43,54 or 72. If I do only 42% I can gain +5 trophy. Is it fair? Of course not but the system work like this. I hate since day 1.Since I play this in 2015. Nothing we can do about it I guess. We have complain a lots of many time in the past. They have change it in version 3.8.0 for worst. So if we complain too much and if they change it can be more worst. OR trophy have change over 3 or 4 times and for more worst each time

I’m glad I got 18 gems from the defense and I know that 5 trophies isn’t a big deal, but I shouldn’t lose any trophies for winning! This isn’t the first time this has happened either, it happens too often! The system is messed up, I’m just bringing a topic of discussion to life

I understand your frustration this is also the same topic that you and others have brought up many times on different threads in the forum. The theme is typically always the same so I’m not sure why there is still surprise. The formula is easy win more than you lose in raids and continue working on defense (although it doesn’t matter even at highest levels because everyone can still beat you). No use complaining just do what you can do with what you can control ie. Raid more trophies than you lose daily.