More Farms.

It would be better if we have 1 or 2 more farms. upgrading them is very annoying…

I think 4 farms are good:

the time and the cost is the problem.


If you want other farms…well, you have to upgrade also the silo or add another.

I think all the green area that you see on the outside of the castle could possibly be used in some way to expand the kingdom!

The time is not problem. I upgrade all of them to last and my silo is last level.

But I must pay 250 for battle and My farm make for 200 (200 * 4 = 800 = silo opacity)

Please make upgrade for silo to change opacity to 1000.


The real Problem is that farms stop production while upgrading - annoying. My gosh thanks that I’m max Level since months!

Abor your hero level is 120

They should stop the cost of food per battle going up after certain level…


ex: lvl 100 cost 250 bread…up to lvl 120 will cost the same…then lvl 121-150 will cost 300, let’s say


I don’t see the logic behind your suggestion: As the power of the hero increases, so does the cost per battle.

Such “jumps” in cost would just piss off a lot of people reaching a certain level who would feel heavily punished for their progress.

If they don’t increase the cost of food per battle after a certain level, they’d consequently also have to stop upgrading the heros strength.

Broadly speaking I think that the silo should always be big enough to hold four battles worth of food (assuming you keep it upgraded of course).  And farms should be sized such that four completely full farms should fill the silo.


This implies that there should probably be two more silo levels:  900 and 1000 and two more farm levels:  90 per hour (225 capacity) and 100 per hour (250 capactiy).


I would think that the extra silo levels should open up once your hero reaches a level that requires 200 food per attack, and then at 225 food per attack to keep it always possible for the hero to execute four attacks per silo full.

What Simon said is exactly what I’ve been suggesting in Improvement thread ! Need that extra level for silo and farm very much !

i wonder none of you want another farm… 

it should be more towerss and paths so it will be more challenging and not boring

What I would also like to see is some increase in storage capacity for the higher levels of farms. At some point in time I was happy not just about increased output per hour but also about longer time until they would be full (at lvl 7 or so I think it was close to 3.5h).

Though, at higher levels the max time until they stop producing seems to stagnate or even decrease (unlike storage for taverns, by the way, which seems to “explode”).

Increased farm storage would make better use of busy work days, nights, etc where you can’t just do a few raids and empty your farms every 3 hours. (On some day I can barely use half of the food I could theoretically get just because I can’t empty my farms when they are full.)

Also this would obviously increase the total storage (= farms + silo), allowing for more raids at a time and more efficient gathering of bigger sums in one session, while still offering higher overall loot with more spread out raids due to loot decrease mechanics.

Not sure how that is related to this topic (farms!) but unless you can beat mummy 4 dungeon and top10 players without scrolling or resurrecting, I guess you still have some challenge in the game. :grinning: