More game guides needed?

Hi there,

I know most of the members on here are rather veteran players, but I have also seen some new faces. Hello guys :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have a guide on howl, battlecry, scream and growl effect. what they are boosting? like health, speed… are they added to each other or capped with the higher one? and percentage of pal, beast, viking, hero scream etc. how warewolves howl? While running back with hero warewolf doesnt howl… this topic is what Im interested in and dont know exactly… Thanks

Ok cool, I will add it to the list :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

Maybe the exact working of heal ring (and other aura rings) should be also be in a guide Madlen.

Now there is a lot of noise of what the heal ring supposed to do and what not. As far as I know it should heal hero and (ghost) troops nearby at a constant rate, depending on heal percentage, plus even canceling lasting damage (fire, ice, poison,…) on hero and nearby troops. 

Maybe we as players are having an incorrect assumption here and this would make it clear to all of us, what we can expect and what we shouldn’t. 

As game is progressing no doubt it will require new guides as new things are being added to game. 

But looking at present guides available and the state of game now I think either the author should re edit a little bit or completly post new threads cause old threads are almost 3 years old and kind of outdated. 


Since 4 years I am tempting to say if Flare can do a guide about the best combo for units and spells can help a lots of people. Also guide about the best items to use for power like Full Scream or mix of scream and leadership or Full units perk or full spells perk or mix of stuffs,etc… I guess like many here I still try to find the best for each. I try to adapt depending the base but not always easy

Also a detailed guide can help to know more about each units and spells

by example Necromancer are created for Defensive but if they are good in offensive and against what?

by example Froster good in both but strong against what?

a guide who will explain in details what each units and spells are good and in which situation

Ok thanks, everyone. :slight_smile:

It will most likely take a while but I hope to steal some time from the devs for this

RR2 wikia by Pelle is dead now, too sad, before this i can find anythings from it, flare didn’t help him at all, it is too BAD.

Madlen, I think this game would be greatly improved if the powers that be came out not with more “game guides”, but a link or something IN GAME for every player to access (not here as many don’t go here) to an actual instruction “manual” on how to play the game!  I remember when I was a kid, even the early video games on Atari, Colecovision and Intellivision all had instruction manuals included with the game cartridges.  Arcade games would have “how to play” instructions on the dashboard.  Even computer games I’ve played have some kind of instruction guide MADE BY THE GAME MANUFACTURER that detailed what a player should do to play the game.  How to move, how to get boosts, what they do, what to look for, what does this mean, what does that mean…  you get the idea. 

This is my first online MMORP game.  I’ve found it’s actually quite fun, though to be honest without oPelle’s wikia to reference, I thought it was downright ***** to have this game with all it’s complexity (and that was BEFORE conquests…) and no idea on how to actually play it!  I figured if Flare wanted us to play, they’d tell us how!  Luckily, I found the wiki and stuck with it, learning quite a bit in the process- BUT like Lee said above: oPelle stopped updating the wiki page and who knows what all is out of date, besides the lack of any info there on the Conquest.  Most of the new players to our team ask how to play CQ and I direct them to a video I made some time ago on it.  I made it specifically to help my fellow teammates understand how to play it since they had no other resources (realistically- these message boards are a chore to wade through), but WHY should ~I~, as a player HAVE to come up with something to train other players when it’s the responsibility… no, JOB of Flare to instruct people how to play their game??   Simple products such as batteries, hand wipes, and packages of cheese all have some form of direction on how to either open the package or use their products.  I’m left with the feeling that Flare couldn’t bother themselves to simply instruct people interested in playing their game (product), and just threw it out on the internet hoping they would figure it out for themselves.  Now, I know that’s not true, but really- no manual?  Seriously?!

My reasoning why I think there should be a link to a text (and pictures) instructional guide versus the videos is that although the videos are nice, they go too fast for some people to follow (from what I’ve been told by some).  If it’s in text, the whole page can be translated at once plus it can be printed off so that when we encounter a point where we aren’t sure what to do- we can refer to our print outs instead of trying to find some youtube video and end up getting booted out of the game from timeout.  Maybe I’m crazy, maybe it’s just the exhaustion talking, but I do enjoy playing the game.  I just don’t think it’s OUR responsibility to have to give instructions to every person who isn’t sure what to do.  Info coming from the game manufacturer itself would be consistant, correct, and concise.  What we as players can do is give insight as to what works best, and tricks to beat certain bases, etc.- which is where the videos we make can come in handy.  I have no problem helping others, I really don’t, but again, the burden lies on Flare to educate it’s potential customers as how to use their product.  It’s basic business.

Sorry if this sounds grumpy.  I’m just tired.  … and burned out from the conquest ?

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Hi there KT4,

Thanks for your feedback. I personally actually agree with most of what you say, that is why I have created the thread.

(Btw - weren’t the good old game instructions from NES and SNES not the best? I still have some of them :slight_smile:

I think that hopefully in the new year I can also focus and take some time for this and I personally feel a new starters guide would be great for a start. We have a long Conquest section though on the forum, you could at least print this out for now. I recently updated it and added all the video links to the updates.

Of course, we also want to have some things in there to be discovered by the player himself. We do not want to spoil the entire game, BUT I agree that the core game mechanics should be explained. I don’t know if it is technically possible to put it in the game retrospectively, because there are already many buttons and submenus and it needs localization etc. Thus, I can’t promise anything to be put in-game, but I totally understand where you coming from being a new player as well. As said a beginner’s guide would at least be great for a start to be made available at least with what I can prepare outside the game (maybe there is a possibility to link to this in-game, I need to check).

I also hoped you enjoyed the Guardian videos and the guides we prepared.

Madlen, it looks like a teaser and not a guide. take the trouble to put more information into your videos, not a hint of information