More info in attack history

As long as we are not getting replays of attacks on our defences, might just as well get more info in the history screen.

Things that could help in estimating how your defences are doing:

  • Show the pal used
  • Show if insta-troops were used
  • Show how long the attack took (battle time)

Love these two. Although, if you click “info” on the player that attacked. More than likely the pal by his side will be the one he used

Assumption is the mother of all f ups  :wink:

If a player switches wardrobe (for farm/luck/etc. gear) the pal might be changed already.

Yeah I know, that’s why I said “more than likely” and not “will be”

For instance: If you click info on my hero you will see Fritz. But I use Tammy

In case no one remembers me suggesting this ages ago, I wanted attack data to contain (from the top of my head): length of raid, # of troops used, # of troops defeated, # of obstacles defeated, spells used, exact place of death(s), boosts used, levels of stuff, and probably a few more I can’t recall at the moment. Video playback of a raid isn’t really necessary but detailed statistics and information - is (or are, rather).

Agree on this 

A video replay would be the optimal improvement, but these are all great suggestions!

Maybe it’d be possible to add a little “i” button (just like they did with the pal flute) next to each attack, which would open a new window with the attacker’s profile at the time of the attack (so you could see the pal and clothes he used, his leadership, health and attack).

Yes! Love it! Speaking of making info type suggestions I’d love to see the Pro League type “Get Ready for Battle” setup. Where you can see your troops, spells, AND the hero you are using. That way you always use the right hero

I think that like that, I would be happy!Do not thank for the idea, enough 100k gems! ??? IGN: Pavelp   ???

somewhere in the world the sad one little Fritz


I use Fritz with my dungeon gear @RSLiMe, so that’s why haha

i remember creating an attack history image photoshopped some time ago with those things you listed in the first post, can’t find the picture though. Probably i have deleted it.

It would be nice if you could see all your attacks when you open the game, not just the last 20. Sometimes you open the game and have more than 20 attacks, would be nice to see all attacks, especially when they left gems on your base. How should we know who to thank when we can only see the last 20 :wink:

it seems pretty good, hope i will see this in game

Like I have suggested in the topic about attack history somewhere. In OR its pretty well made. You can see where the player have use Invocation (Scroll) and where he die. So that help a lots to improve your base. i have tranform my weak base into a strong base

In RR2 if we can have not a detailled info in attack list but more like OR more info inside the base. You click on the icon Hero Death : OFF and put it at ON

you see circle in blue where he die on your path. After you can click Scroll : OFF and put it at ON and see circle in red and show where player use it on your base,etc… Really great. RR2 really need this for version 4.0 or future version


I would only be interested in videos of raids that beat my base. It would help also to detect cheaters in case of very strange victories. I had one who beat my base with plain arblasters. I raid his base and his arbs felt like not forged at all on anything. Such a raid I would love to check.


I am sure video is something doable to add in this game. They have do it for Dawn of Steel. So I don’t see why RR2 team cannot implement this in future