More interesting tiles for Conquest

So far, despite the flaws, Conquest has a lot of interesting features. However, there are much more that I would like to recommend, than just simple grass, lake, mountain and swamp.


There should be tiles that changes the condition of war too. Now THAT would be interesting. Here are some that I would like to recommend:-


  1. Magic barrier tiles:- any war occurring at this tile, players may not use scrolls at all.
  • good tile to surround middle of the map for special tiles, as stakes will be much higher, and players have to spend the more expensive “revive” if they want to win.


  1. Underdog’s haven - any war occuring at this tile, there will be no offensive or defensive boosts at all
  • tiles that are good for the underdogs in the map to neutralize all boosts. Good for the underdogs to build towers on these tiles.


  1. Eagle Eye - Towers built on these tiles will have +2 vision
  • self explanatory


  1. Mano o mano - A tile designed specifically where supreme victory is not applicable, battle lasts only 12 hours, and the hero can only be challenged by another ONE hero. Cannot build towers on this tile. No scrolls and no revives at this tile either for the raids.
  • This tile can be sprinkled throughout the map for heroes to “hide” when they have no troops left.


  1. Magical Spring - A tile that doubles energy regeneration for any hero who is currently standing on it.




I think there are a lot more interesting ideas, but would be nice to see Flare heat things up with more varieties since Conquest is supposed to be a strategy mode with unlimited variations.


I like the idea, that is suggested. Ever played magic the gathering? There were conditions like, no black magic, no revive. Even conditions to promote use of several spells and troops. 

So yeah, some tiles were a certain kind of boost (or even none) is prohibited, some troops or spells can’t be used, including no scrolls, no resurrection can make things interesting.

I was expecting other more common tiles like ice and jungle (not just forest, even ice forests would be possible) plus savanna on the map, you name it.