More issue / concerns...

So with the last patch, the matchmaking system improved greatly.  I’m not getting players all level 2-3.  Customer service has been wonderful.  However…

I have some new issues / concerns.

I do not understand the trophy reward system.  I’m getting matched with players 50 levels below me at this point.   They yield no trophies.  Some players 1-2 levels below me, yield no trophies.  In order to achieve level 95+, defenses must all be upgraded.  I consistently get the same single player, 11 levels below me, that yields two trophies.  

Some of the level 50 players have just as good defense (I clear them off my islands) with less time than it takes me to clear the one player that yields trophies.  This one player has a good layout of his base.  I’ve played enough to get a feel for “good layouts”.  Something’s wrong here.

If clearing these players 50 levels below me, and clearing players near my level yield no trophies - what is the point of clearing them?  If it’s just to gain my island / resources back…that’s pointless.  My resources stay capped, minus the “green bottles” which I use up clearing these players with no trophy rewards.

Also, the player that once yielded 9 trophies now rewards two.  Our levels are the same (meaning we are both the same level apart we always were), and nothing’s been upgraded on my end.  Same buffs.  Why this reduction in trophies?

If clearing these players only opens an island for them to re-attack…thus gaining themselves trophies and losing my own (overnight I lost about 50 trophies which takes me several hours to gain back with one player yielding trophies) I’m just going to let them sit on the island and not bother clearing them.

My other concern with trophy rewards is that, some of the players my level have no alliance.  It leads me to think that being in an alliance may hinder your trophy rewards.  This should not be the case.

Another concern, to which I reported - was one player higher level than me.  He would always instantly appear on my islands.  His entire base was just barricades - no “towers”.  This led me to believe that having such minor defenses may have gotten more trophies when he did “offense”.  This would be cheating.  Since I reported this, this player has vanished.  This perhaps could be a reason players my level yield no trophies opposed to players 10+ levels below me yielding trophies…maybe these players are using lower level defenses.  Just a thought.

Why bother matchmaking players with no trophy rewards?  

I just want to make sure that if I leave these players with no rewards, not attacking them, that I will not appear on their islands for them to gain trophies thus losing my own.  Will I still appear on other players islands if I do not attack them?  Even so it’s not worth some gold rewards at the cost of “green bottles” to get to them.

Other concerns, as another player mentioned, most of the “towers” are pointless.  Most of the “monsters” are pointless also.  Very unbalanced.  The other player mentioned that the tower that spawns the “ghosts” would have to spawn a Minotaur.  I disagree.  With the massive upgrade cost of this tower, it’s range would have to increase to at minimum, cover a radius of the “ice towers”, and spawn at least two griffons with the tower at max level.  I say the based on the cost of the tower.

I have a plethora of other possible in game bugs / suggestions.  I’ll have to keep you all posted as they come to mind.  I know the game is new, but things such as the trophy rewards may stop people from playing.

I’ve also read that “if you attack an island that someone’s hero is not on, that you’re actually not attacking their own unique defenses and it’s an easier defeat”.  If this is the case, then why do all the same players have their own unique base layout consistently?  My islands often taken over are on very low “gold rewarding” islands.  I can’t imagine people keeping their heroes on these islands.

As mentioned I’ve been losing trophies.  I’ve yet to have a “hero” sent back to my main island.  Explanation in detail of how this works would be great.

Heroes are also unbalanced.  I find the starting hero to be much superior to some of the later gained heroes.

Also please remove the “dominance” cap.  I have so many achievements I cannot unlock because the button says “cap reached”.  “Green bottles” are really the only thing that isn’t capped most of the time.  And again that’s because I’m having to clear players that yield no trophies. 

Sorry if my topics are all over the place.  Doing some “edits” as they come to mind.  If a level 50 is on one of my islands, does that actually mean they defeated my base?  Again at this point I’m just going to leave all the players there that yield no “trophies”.  






I have had some of the same concerns about defended vs undefended islands. It literally seems no different in difficulty. I also noticed a large drop in trophies gained for winning. I was receiving 4-9 for players Ascension that was significantly higher than my own. Now if I wanted to take back an island lost (sometimes “undefended” I can’t because he’s too high level and I don’t have the ability to beat him. Even if I did my reward is the same as beating someone in the mid 20s in Ascension level. This to me does not add up at all.

To answer some of your questions (at least according to my understanding of the game):

islands that are not defended by a hero, I believe are randomly replaced with opponents around your level with no consideration of trophies.  That is why we see so many 0 trophy rewards for higher trophy players.  It does not mean they actually went back to conquer your islands.  I think that is the only logcial explanation otherwise we would see a much bigger decrease in trophies every time our islands are conquered.

The only time you actually know who conquered your island is when you have a hero placed there.  In this case when you are defeated your island is replaced by the person who defeated you, however you do not always get returned to Olympus when you are defeated. I believe this why we can see big trophy losses with no heros back at Olympus.  They mention something about hero level being a factor, so I would assume that it is based on the relative level difference of heros increasing the chance you return back to Olympus when defeated.

So, even if you do not attack people, I believe you will still randomly spawn on people’s maps, however I do not know if beating these islands actually reduces the other players trophies, or if trophies are only removed when you are defending an island.  If it is the case you only lose when defending, if you want high trophies you could just always return to Olympus (although it would make gaining wisdom really difficult).

just my thoughts and observations.