More Levels for the Castle Gate!

When I was a level 50 to 70 player, I could build an unboosted path / tower configuration that I couldn’t beat. 

Ever since level 80 up to my current 93, I can’t build an unboosted path / tower configuration I can’t beat. 

I would like Flare to add more levels to the castle gate.  So that we can add more towers and barricades.

(Note, I’m not asking for a longer path.  I wouldn’t complain if I got one, but I’m not asking.)

+1 would be good to have a gate that kills in one hit (especially top players)

What about giving the castle gate unit slots?


Lets say you can have 4 ranged units or something on it. Kinda more realistic that some units would be defending from the walls/gate

Castle gates are a joke… boosted castle gate is a joke too… I raid with ogers and the gate gets stunned by them :stuck_out_tongue:

If we’re going to get into realism.  I always feel cheated when the gates don’t actually get destroyed.  It just has that stupid gray smoke!  All the other games I’ve played like this the gates actually come down!  And!  They actually open to let the units out!