More Levels with more Range for Frost and Gargoyle Towers

I want to see more levels with an immediate increase in range for the Gargoyle and Frost Towers.  They are never used in a strong defensive formation.  And that’s stupid that with all the towers there are basically only 2 or sometimes 3 used on an elite base. I know they started weaker, but they should have enough upgrades to make the cost become equal so they can become relevant again.

I agree, they’re never used by the highest players…

Good idea, those could definitely need some extra range, to at least make it not possible to just walk by a max lvl tower without even entering its range… 

And especially the relatively expensive gargoyle tower is the least-useful tower of all, definitely not worth the cost at all, definitely needing some kind of buff or revamp. 


Same basically applies to snake towers btw, you can sneak past them (bit harder than for frost/gargoyle, but still perfectly possible), so giving them enough range to cover the full path tile’s width on max lvl would probably make them a bit more useful in higher level bases - I mean, after all they’re the 2nd most advanced tower type, but currently they’re rarely ever used at all in high/top lvl bases. 

Snake Towers are rarely used because Shield completely negates them. Only when you have Snake + Skull together do they make a good combo.

Plus, none of the most common units are weak to poison. The only useful unit that is weak to poison, is Arblaster, and Arblaster always stays out of range and would even negate the DoT effect.

So Snake Towers will always be useless no matter what. Unless they make Knights weaker to poison.


I disagree on your conclusion. 

The hero is pretty vulnerable to Snake Tower. 

So I wouldn’t say they will always be useless.

I do think they need some tweaking though, obviously.

I wouldn’t agree with sentence 1. And I wouldn’t tie it to a specific unit (knights). 


Max lvl snake towers can kill the king pretty quickly (when unshielded), and in high lvl bases, there’s plenty of damage incoming for breaking the shield.

Of course, for a base designer it’s not easy to predict at which point / in which area the king will most probably be unshielded.

But in areas with a high amount of concentrated fire (e.g. choke point regions, sections with heavy across-path damage from skull and/or long range bomb towers, waves with many boosted arbs/archers/cannons, areas with frost spike traps on the ground), it is quite likely that the king is temporarily either low on health, or out of shield, or both. 


And if I run into a snake tower’s range without shield, I’m already “almost dead” unless I know I have full health before and a shield spell ready to be cast within a second or two. So chances are, I will either die, or not take the risk, losing time. 


Now of course I can say “let’s hide behind my army and wait for shield” - losing time - or “let’s skip past the snake an let my troops kill it”. But the thing is, in some areas you might get most/all of your current raiding party whiped out within very short time, and will be very busy with spawning some boosted mummies and try not to die to the hostile wave troops (or frost traps). Chances are you’ll also be dramatically slowed by frost arbs, frosters, frost traps. Add a snake tower to it and you quickly run out of options… 



The main limitations for snake tower effectiveness currently are 1. predict where the king will be vulnerable and find a suitable spot for the snake tower using that prediction, 2. probability and frequency of such situations - you can’t just say “I’ll enforce that situation right… here”. 


So if the snake tower’s range gets increased, the 2. limitation will get less of a problem, as the attacker can’t just use “sneak past it” as a default-case to avoid it anymore.

On top of that, also on average more % of the base are covered in the range.

Besides, the attacker would also have an increased effort for predicting how far a snake tower reaches (depending on its level), so being very careful and paying more attention to the snake towers is required in general. This in turn may make him perform less streamlined-optimum (due to some “safety margins” added to his decisions), and also he might have less attention for other dangerous parts of your base (e.g. troops, (skull) bomb towers, frost traps), making those more effective in combination with snake towers as well. 

And believe me, high lvl bases nowadays are very “full” already, making high lvl raiding much more intense and attention-heavy than lower level raiding - a single mistake can ruin your whole raid at any time. Compared to that, fighting low level bases with a low lvl account is relatively slow-paced and relaxed even though it can still be tough for that low lvl player. 



Thus, the main question for me is not “can the snake tower be made useful” but rather “do I even want that”, as raiding is already hard enough (or even too hard) at the moment without buffed snake towers. “Fairness-wise” I’d say I want it to be stronger in order to be useful, but balancing-wise I’d rather say “slightly nerf the other stuff” :wink:

I agree we need a change to the way we use frost and gargoyle towers but upgrading them seems pointless if they are stronger than skulls/firebolts then they will just replace those. arrow and bomb towers only become useful after elite boosts.


The problem is the way the game is played you still just run to the corner and blow it up with a sonic blast, even though there is more percieved versatility, there is still very little strategy involved.


I’m hoping for a change with a new PvE mode which forces you to be more tacticle while attacking and defending. I hate the fact you can just copy somebodys set up and it is just as beneficial for them. It means lazy players can succeed. Maybe I’m digressing but leveling up towers is not the solution.