More lines of alliance chat

It’s been suggested before, many times, yet still nothing from flare. Can we please have more than like 20 damn messages on the alliance chat? PMs are stupid and needlessly complicated so everyone has their conversations in the alliance chat, where previous messages get pushed out. Why??? There is NO reason for that, other than “hey, let’s keep these ******* misinformed about their alliance operations and ensure maximum time wasted asking someone to repeat what they said about my defenses because their critiques got pushed out by Susan’s announcement that her cat peed on her rug again!” Well THANKS SUSAN! No one gives a damn about ya flippin’ cat!!! Go get a boyfriend you…

That’s not the point. Please fix this incredibly annoying… bug? Feature?.. thing. 

While you’re at it, make it easier to message someone. Like go to alliances chat, click on player on the right, and it should go straight to messages. The ! Can stay to take you to their profile. Instead of clicking through a labyrinth of menus and pictures and buttons just to plop you at a message box that’s more disappointing than I am to my parents. And get rid of level up/league wins (unless it’s diamond). No one cares that you won bronze Susan! Like 80% of the players in the history of Rr2 have done it already!!! GO BACK TO YA CATS YA FLIPPIN


Poor Susan! LOL I agree that we need a better way to communicate.  The 2-1/2 line at a time chat board just doesn’t do it when you’re trying to explain to someone how to go about something.  and yes… the PM messages are worse yet.



Yep. Make important announcement to team… have to rewrite it 3 damn times because of Susan’s cat!!! Lol ??

And another thing!

Stop bloody flooding alliance chat with those useless-ass “Susan connected/disconnected” messages! I can very well tell who’s on and who isn’t by the green lights in the chat’s member list, I don’t need the ENTIRE chat full of everyone that’s come on and off within the last 15 minutes! That’s just spam, especially that if you relog all “real” messages are still in the chat buffer, just get covered up by useless crap as time passes.

Bump! This needs to be added in the game. We shouldn’t have to rely on other apps to communicate with our alliance

I guess depend of the game. Some game like WWE Champion the chat is not well make if many want to have a discussion. So the leader of the faction have create a group on facebook who allow us to use a program call : ‘‘Messenger’’ is a chat for Facebook. Like me I play on my Ipad the time I can look and chat on my PC. Really useful 24/7 when someone need to be healed or during a Faction Feud,etc…

in RR2 the chat its pretty well made. Just need more lign like in WWE Champion where you can write close 30 word or more by post

About the person who is connected and disconnected well we have the same problem in OR. We have ask if the developer can add a option to turn this ON/OFF. Useful maybe for Leader and General but for the simple green one. No one care we have the name in the right side anyway

So Flare we want this :

  • More longer text available like 30 or 40 word by post

  • No more connected/disconnected message in the chat. So a ON/OFF in settings

  • Like Opelle have suggested like 2 month ago. A possibility to tag someone in the chat. to able to get his intention