More lvls to defense towers

I think we need more lvls for defense towers because im only 3000 and lvl 99 and i can get 1 crown from a top 10 guy easly if im lucky i can get 2 crowns. So i suggest we put in more lvls to the towers each with unique features like firebolt lvl 19 with extra skull bombs. Because if i can attack top 10 sooo easly then the 5000 people must fell bored and every defense is so easy.

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Several things could use a faster fire rate, more projectiles, a long awaited boost, special effect, and/or a lot more health with the current mix. More damage is needed faster on things now and there are several counters to the damage rates dished out.

However, I still maintain the best way to get things on track for a challenge is to revamp the strengths and weaknesses system to make it mean something. Some stuff universally works okay to amazing on everything, others struggle on almost everything. Range isn’t a big enough justification for something to one hit 2-5 towers at once while another takes 2-4 attempts with forges and multiple armor boosts to bring down what it is good at alone ranged or not.

They seem to have lost sight of what a weakness and strength is, because we still have multiple types of things weak to the same stuff (ex barricades, blockades, spike traps = things that slow you and since they don’t attack or attack at lesser rates should hold up the best). Some attack abilities are able to be used faster, which further messes with the balance. Others are actually weaker to things not even listed as a weakness, and some are almost completely nerfed out by boost.

My suggestion is to legitimately look at what is listed as one or the other, how it works on them, how well it does what it says it does, and maybe make it only work on 2-3 things efficiently or as an extreme struggle. Adjust it all as needed, as in more health or more damage. If it doesn’t fall into one of those camps, let it do base damage. Hidden stats are lies to the players, stop using them please. If it doesn’t say weakness or strength on the stat page it shouldn’t be there with bonuses. Should encourage more diverse layouts to cover the gaps and players should be mowed over for using too many of some things if the setup is within this system.

Yeah correct,…

Right. But it would also be necessary to improve the strength of the hero to balance the game. :wink:

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